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May. 2nd, 2017 02:34 am
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Novel Protein Identified Inside Cells During MS Inflammation May Help Explain Nerve Damage

This links to another article, with the easy-to-pronounce title, "Endoplasmic Reticulum Plays Role In Multiple Sclerosis Progression".
Scientists have long suspected that mitochondria, the energy-creating “powerhouse” of the cell, play a link in causing multiple sclerosis.

The international team, involving the University of Exeter Medical School and the University of Alberta, was the first to combine clinical and laboratory experiments to explain how mitochondria become defective in people with MS. Using human brain tissue samples , they found that a protein called Rab32 is present in large quantities in the brains of people with MS, but is virtually absent in healthy brain cells.

Just fix it already, ok?
Oh, but at this time I've no interest in doing the walk.
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I put up the photo of the character of Codex being freaked out at Christmas.

Here are some Christmas links:

The Swedish Chef, Animal, & Beaker doing the Christmas song:

A piece from Poland with an old man learning English. At has a Christmas tie-in that, aww, gets you verklempt:

And Wes Anderson's short film, "Come Together". It's got a tie-in to H&M stores, but who cares?
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This is the interview in which Neil DeGrasse Tyson answers the question from the interviewer of what the "most astounding fact" was that he could share him about the universe, w/music behind it. It's beautiful & I thought I had it elsewhere on here, but it's probably buried in years of entries. So here it is, on Vimeo:

His transcription of what he says is below (this if for me if I don't have the time to see the whole video)Read more... )

Yoga stuff

Jul. 5th, 2016 09:50 pm
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Here's a link to a piece on the yoga stuff for sleep:

It's the only sequence I've ever done that really works.

And here's another one on what to know about yoga:
You will not be required to stand on your head or do other advanced poses. Your teacher will not require you to touch your toes. You do not need to be flexible, nor do you need to wear yoga pants. (I don’t think I have ever seen a guy wearing yoga pants, but I’m sure it exists somewhere. Definitely not in Quincy, Illinois.) You will be able to use modifications. You do not need to be good at yoga or know what you are doing.

Happy 4th!

Jul. 4th, 2016 03:02 pm
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It's a lazy, weed-pulling day, but that's ok. Although, I started off this morning listening to the Declaration of Independence read on NPR, as is my wont, & that's always good.

There's a FLLW graphic of 4th of July flags which I suppose I could get as an icon, but for only one day a year?... Well, I've got 233 userpics I can use, & I've only got 30-something, so might as well.
It's my icon now on this post.

And here's a link to the full image:

He'd originally done it in 1927, trying to make money by coming up with 12 covers for Liberty magazine. The covers weren't published for Liberty but were used in various places (& now are t-shirts, puzzles, mugs, glasses, playing cards, cocktail napkins, etc.).
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Where has this Amazing Comic Book Art Been all My Life?
By MessyNessy
June 30, 2016
François Schuiten, like the creator of Tintin, is Belgian, and he’s best known for his drawing in the series Les Cités Obscures, a collaboration with his childhood friend, Benoît Peeters. They first worked together at the age of 12 on a school magazine; Benoît wrote the fictional stories, Fançois made the imaginative drawings, and pretty soon the faculty tried to stop them from publishing it, preferring Latin translations and moralizing anecdotes as more appropriate subject matters.
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I scarcely know where to begin, but love is always a safe place.
- Emily Dickinson
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I hate the pink on the site, but the inclusion of the Mother's Day Proclamation (by Julia Ward Howe) is pretty cool:
Mother's Day Proclamation
Arise, then, women of this day! Arise all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be of water or of tears! Say firmly: "We will not have questions decided by irrelevant agencies. Our husbands shall not come to us reeking of carnage for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy, and patience. We women of one country will be too tender to those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs."

From the bosom of a devastated Earth a voice goes up with our own. It says "Disarm! Disarm!" The sword of murder is not the balance of justice. Blood does not wipe out dishonor, nor violence indicate possession.

As men have forsaken the plow and the anvil at the summons of war, let women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of counsel. Let them meet first as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace, each bearing after his time the sacred impress not of Caesar, but of God.

In the name of womanhood and humanity, I earnestly ask that a general congress of women without limit of nationality be appointed and held at some place deemed most convenient and at the earliest period consistent with its objects, to promote the alliance of the different nationalities, the amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace.
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Homestar, and Strong Bad (et al) were superstars in the Flash world (& obviously I'm excited by the idea that something's up). I just saw this on Slate, but don't have time to devote to it, but I'll put it here:
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Some crazy English teachers singing this to the tune of "California Dreamin'". I learned more about them than I remember from high school:
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FLLW lived to be almost 92, Mies van der Rohe lived to be 83, Frank Gehry is still alive at 87, Norman Foster is 80, Oscar Niemeyer lived to be 104, Philip Johnson was 99 when he died. I thought we'd have at least 15 more years with Hadid.*

Weirdly, the only building of hers that I've gone through (the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cincinnati) didn't blow me away. Still, other work of hers that I've seen is sublime. There's no rhyme or reason: I just really like it immediately. That's in addition to the fact that she is the most famous female architect in the world. And she's the only woman who's won the Pritzker architecture prize on her own (the Pritzker is called "the Nobel Prize for architecture").

I know guys are more into math & engineering but jesus christ.

Here's a piece including words by Foster. Very nice:

*I found out I'd been pronouncing her name wrong. I thought it was "ha-deed". It was "ha-did" (like the word "did"). I'll try to remember that.
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They look totally like people you could see walking around (in a fashionable place) today. Except for the marble.
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This is for immemor:
The Boss had a bit of a goof-up last night (Feb. 23) at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio when he accidentally shouted out to Pittsburgh on stage.

"Party noises Pittsburgh," he exclaimed. "And Cleveland, too!"" target
Reminds me of when, during the 2008 election cycle, John McCain went on stage in Pittburgh & congratulated them for their World Series win, when the Phillies had won. You don't congratulate people from the western side of PA for good news for the eastern side of PA (since their ball teams have rivalries). And folks from Cleveland the folks from Pittsburgh (& the feeling's mutual I guess).

Pittsburgh has got some cool architecture & is making its name as a green city, but people on either side don't seem to like them.


Feb. 26th, 2016 09:26 am
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coconuthead reminded me: we're in Lenten season, so might as well show the "YMCA" icon.
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Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Pretty cool looking stuff:
With the theme “New Home: Fresh Ways to Live,” contestants were asked “to indulge their fantasies and show us new kinds of homes that perhaps no one has dreamed of before,” according to a press release.


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