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Birthdate:Feb 26
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
I bore easily but hide it well.

Interests (80):

andres serrano, anna vogelzang, architecture, art, astronomy, beer, bernini, blazing saddles, bobby shaftoe, boston blackie, brancusi, cats, classic radio plays, close to the knives, coffee, constructivism, cryptonomicon, dada, dancing, david sedaris, david wojnarowicz, diet pepsi, discipline and punish, douglas crimp, dune, frank lloyd wright, hank parnell, harry potter, hong kong cinema, ingres, irises, janet jackson, jean arp, jet li, kano school, korin, l.h.o.o.q., la boite en valise, lloyd wright, lord of the rings, man ray, manet, marcel duchamp, michel foucault, mists of avalon, nero wolf, nicolaj grandjean, odd nerdrum, old stephen king, outcast, paradise lost, phlox, phox, professor lupin, rem, respect, rudy rucker, salems lot, sarah vowell, science fiction, silver gelatin, sotatsu, stevie wonder, stuart davis, the bride stripped bare, the heroic trio, the killing fields, the large glass, the stand, this american life, truth, unearthing atlantis, walking, when you are old, wicca, writing, x minus one, yoga, young frankenstein, yours truly johnny dollar
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