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The Woman Who Can Will Herself Out Of Her Body: The case of the voluntary out-of-body experience.
To better understand what was going on, the researchers conducted a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study of her brain. They found that it surprisingly involved a "strong deactivation of the visual cortex." Instead, the experience "activated the left side of several areas associated with kinesthetic imagery," such as mental representations of bodily movement.
They bring up the concept that more people experience this than we know about. That's what happened with this woman - she didn't know that everyone didn't experience this until she was taking a class
I understand the same is true for synesthesia: some people actually see color when they hear numbers, or see color when they hear music.
Which I have to say makes me a little disappointed in Wassily Kandinsky - he really was just painting what he saw when he was doing paintings named after symphonies.... How boring.
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What the hell is this weird alien looking spiral in the desert?
By Jesus Diaz

You don't have to be right there watching the video the whole time: I was doing something else & didn't feel like I missed anything.
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A contemplation of human evolution & Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" (the sketch of a man inside a circle & square while his limbs form a pentagon):
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I think he's wrong on the Satan, Sin & Death illustration, but other than that: not bad.

And a pretty good reason for never making Paradise Lost into a movie, since I've had it in my head for years. And, jeez, I don't agree with everything done by William f-ing BLAKE.
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Aerial Perspectives by Alex MacLean – in pictures
Taken from 5,000 feet above the earth in a Cessna aeroplane, Alex MacLean's photographs document humanity's footprint on the natural world. His unique perspective can be seen at his first-ever London show which opens at Beetles + Huxley on 3 March and runs until 29 March.
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... the companion book to the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition of the same title, traces the evolution of image manipulation from the 1840s to the 1990s, when computer software first began to revolutionize the alteration of photographs.
The article includes some fun photos.
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A Renoir that was stolen over 60 years ago.

That's always nice when that stuff happens.


Dec. 29th, 2013 03:56 pm
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Here's some more stuff from the current meme going through facebook right now:
This is a game about art (thanks, likethebeer). Click "like" and I will assign you an artist. It doesn't matter if you don't know their work; just look them up and choose the image that you like best! Post it on your wall.
Anne gave me Constantin Brancusi, the sculptor from Romania. Here's the piece I picked:

I am happy about the fact that there are all these people on-line who are actively going out & finding art works. AND there's this wonderful sense that a bunch of people who know about art are controlling what other people are seeing, or other people are doing. And it's exciting! Ha! We studied art history! And we're making you do things!!... Yes, Brancusi is cool! Or Redon! Or Romaine Brooks! Look at that - we did know what we were doing!
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Nice find (and subsequent production) of a "little-known, playful short story young Mark Twain had written in 1865 at age of 30:"
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Nice article about an archaeological site in Turkey that was flooded in 2000 by the installation of a dam, but still has stuff to get out:
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Aside from just the fact that this is fricking awesome, it's like a quiz on "name that artist". So far, on first view I've gotten them all correct, except for a piece by Otto Dix.

Below the cut is most of one of the stories on this find, from Yahoo news:
Read more... )

Nazi looted art 'found in Munich' - German media

Modernist art haul, 'looted by Nazis', recovered by German police: About 1500 works, includining pieces by Chagall, Klee, Matisse and Picasso, had been considered lost until raid in Schwabing

It'll be nice to see some of it. I remember seeing b&w photos of things in books, because that was the only record since it was confiscated by the Nazis due to the fact that they considered it "degenerate" (actually, their exhibitions of degenerate art were pretty cool, if I recall; along with the predictable "Holy sh*t Nazis were stupid a**holes" reaction).

More on this discovery:
Treasures lost under Nazis found in elderly German's flat: A random background check designed to expose money-launderers travelling to Switzerland has uncovered a treasure trove of modern art thought to have been destroyed in Nazi Germany.

And, more:
'Nazi art trove' includes unknown Chagall treasure

Report: 1,500 Stolen Masterpieces Discovered in Munich Apartment >/a>

Nazi Plunder: 1,500 Modern Artworks Found in Munich Flat>/a>

U.S. List Helps Heirs Track Nazi-Loot Art in Munich Cache

Report of Nazi-Looted Trove Puts Art World in an Uproar
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In my first or second year in grad school, we had a Halloween party where we came dressed as works of art. Unfortunately, while I remember being impressed by the pieces, I only remember what I came as - Marcel Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q..


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