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Jul. 5th, 2016 09:50 pm
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Here's a link to a piece on the yoga stuff for sleep:

It's the only sequence I've ever done that really works.

And here's another one on what to know about yoga:
You will not be required to stand on your head or do other advanced poses. Your teacher will not require you to touch your toes. You do not need to be flexible, nor do you need to wear yoga pants. (I don’t think I have ever seen a guy wearing yoga pants, but I’m sure it exists somewhere. Definitely not in Quincy, Illinois.) You will be able to use modifications. You do not need to be good at yoga or know what you are doing.
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A Disclaimer that should be Posted in Every Studio.

Forgive the picture that's right there when you go, right before the list starts, that shows the back of a woman in a bikini on her mat, & it looks enough to make you roll your eyes. Or, who knows: maybe my writing that will make you click on the link.
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Speaking on the Wisdom of Compassion at the Anniversary Event of a Liver Transplant Program
November 30th 2013, New Delhi, India:
I follow the practical advice of the eighth century Indian Buddhist master, Shantideva, who said that when you face trouble, you should think about it. If it can be solved, there’s no need to worry, and if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use.
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Now I'm not a tech-billionaire, but it's the point that the guy got off all medications - and sometimes only has a 1/2 hour - that's a really nice point:
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Just Warrior, but they didn't specify 1, 2, or 3. I like 1 & 2; can't do 3 of course (that's a "standing on one leg" pose).

Warrior 1:

Warrior 2:

Warrior 3:

Peaceful or Reverse Warrior:
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This is a song that's supposed to point me to what yoga pose they're talking about. I don't know what the pose is, but I like the song: "Rainbow" by G. Love & Jack Johnson:
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Man - they're just posting everything big this week, aren't they?

Amy (my old yoga teacher) did this in class with us once. Or, "showed us how to do it in class & we did as much as we could, which meant no one else did it because... well, look at it:"
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This week, the yoga studio I've been going to is posting favorite poses. This is the first one:

She seems like a nice teacher. But, again: eeek!
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Just under 7 minutes (although I like my routine, when I remember to do it).
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Someone showed this to me awhile ago. It reminds me that I shouldn't give up, even when there's no way in hell that I can do "the crow".
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Yoga stoned.
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A hyperlink provided by the yoga teacher I see. It was really helpful:
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42 minutes, and pretty mellow stuff that I can do:

Just make sure to turn the speakers down on the ads for violent video games before and after. :-)
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I think yogis would make a huge hit if they combined a yoga session with a bacon breakfast at the end.

Anyway, I had yoga this morning, and bacon (and eggs) for dinner.

Yoga was focused on stretching, which is just perfect for me. And lots of Warrior I and Warrior II (those moves include standing with the legs sort of in a line, one in front of another - and always a challenge to me to stay upright).

Yoga is becoming a time for me to think about my mom, given that I did that the first time I went there after mom's death. That's really wonderful, even though it makes me sad.

I think of her for 2 reasons: the first time I thought of her during a session was when the instructor said that the breath represents life, and I thought how my mom had difficulty breathing the day that she died (as her life was getting ready to leave her, I guess).

The second reason I think of her is that mom did yoga for awhile. Amazing to me, b/c her knees were horrible. Not like my knees are horrible; mom had had these operations on her knees over 40 years ago that resulted in her unable to kneel because of the pain. Must have been a lot of modifications that she had to do. Anyway, she joked sometimes about the yoga teacher, and I can hear her chuckling about it all while I go through out.

Ok: bacon: I bought bacon a week and a half ago and finally got to cook some. Used the fat to cook eggs in. Yes, that might be really bad for me, but I didn't feel like cleaning it all out, and didn't have a place to put the grease; and I really, really wanted that yummy bacon fat.

I cooked them just a little too long, but that reminds me of mom, too. We used to love the sort of crispy, dark bacon when we were kids.
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I've got the yoga stuff with me; just need to get there for the 6:45 class.

Oh, I actually did the pinwheel "- eeek!" on Monday because I was really, really, close to just falling on the guy on the other side of me. I guess I'll make sure that I'm close to the wall this time.


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