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FLLW lived to be almost 92, Mies van der Rohe lived to be 83, Frank Gehry is still alive at 87, Norman Foster is 80, Oscar Niemeyer lived to be 104, Philip Johnson was 99 when he died. I thought we'd have at least 15 more years with Hadid.*

Weirdly, the only building of hers that I've gone through (the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cincinnati) didn't blow me away. Still, other work of hers that I've seen is sublime. There's no rhyme or reason: I just really like it immediately. That's in addition to the fact that she is the most famous female architect in the world. And she's the only woman who's won the Pritzker architecture prize on her own (the Pritzker is called "the Nobel Prize for architecture").

I know guys are more into math & engineering but jesus christ.

Here's a piece including words by Foster. Very nice:

*I found out I'd been pronouncing her name wrong. I thought it was "ha-deed". It was "ha-did" (like the word "did"). I'll try to remember that.
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Nice profiles. I'd only ever heard of Marion Mahoney (the FLLW connection, of course).
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Not happy (although it's nice to see some interior views because I've only ever seen photographs).
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Linked from the Frankophile site:


I think Frank would have approved.


Dec. 29th, 2013 03:56 pm
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Here's some more stuff from the current meme going through facebook right now:
This is a game about art (thanks, likethebeer). Click "like" and I will assign you an artist. It doesn't matter if you don't know their work; just look them up and choose the image that you like best! Post it on your wall.
Anne gave me Constantin Brancusi, the sculptor from Romania. Here's the piece I picked:

I am happy about the fact that there are all these people on-line who are actively going out & finding art works. AND there's this wonderful sense that a bunch of people who know about art are controlling what other people are seeing, or other people are doing. And it's exciting! Ha! We studied art history! And we're making you do things!!... Yes, Brancusi is cool! Or Redon! Or Romaine Brooks! Look at that - we did know what we were doing!
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Sept. 3 is his birthday! Here's the entry on him at Wikipedia:

More fun is this page, which states the latest problems very well:
2006 was the 150th birthday anniversary [of the birth] of Chicago architect Louis Sullivan. With his partner Dankmar Adler, he had created some of the most striking masterpieces of the first Chicago School.... But perhaps the most striking way Chicago choose to celebrate Louis Sullivan was to burn down three of his buildings in just [an] eleven-month span of 2006.
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Looks to me like architects need to really start thinking about this stuff. The same thing was occurring at a pool in a building in Las Vegas:

And they had to tone down the metal outside the Disney Opera House by Frank Gehry b/c the people across from it were having the interior temps of their apartments go up by 15° F:
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You do have to allow flashiness on the site, but it's interesting (and it's always comforting to see failure by other architects).
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I've never seen a photo that shows the way that building works:

The page also has links to photos of more architecture. Interesting.
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Interesting & informative article regarding orienting your house for passive solar:
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"The clean lines, the geometric decorative elements, the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor space... I sure do love mid-century modern architecture.

Do you know what I love more? My children. And that is why I will never live in my MCM dream home. Because mid-century modern architecture is designed to KILL YOUR CHILDREN. (Also, moderately clumsy or drunk adults)."
Made me laugh so hard at points I was crying:
"As soon as you turn around to fetch the marshmallows, Junior is going to stumble right into that open fireplace (and stumble out with some third-degree burns)."
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Apprentice of FLLW's from 1933-39. His work has been in movies, most notably Diamonds are Forever, Charlie's Angels, and The Big Lebowski.


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