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It's the first day of winter, but Bad Astronomer tells me he thinks it's "Mid-Winter," which I'll take.

... although, now that I think of it: it does not appear that Bad Astronomer lives in the Midwest. If he did he would know that, really, temps above 20F aren't coming until March (if the world is going the way it should). Still, I'll take what I can - if he's calling it Mid-Winter, that's good enough for me.


Jan. 16th, 2009 08:00 am
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That's what the small airport in one town west is reporting. -33F is about -36C.

I walked downstairs to check the thermometer outside and had to keep looking because the line showing the temperature was so close to the bottom that it wasn't showing up.

Really: I've never seen a temperature like this, and I've no idea how to respond. I asked mda to stay inside and not go out & smoke until it's up to -20.
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This is more for me than anyone else....

Warm, summer, people wearing shorts, people wearing light jackets. Things will grow. The green will be so overwhelming that my eyeballs will practically pop out of my sockets. I'll be so hot I can't sleep. Some time, it will happen. I don't know when (I'm telling myself to stop hoping to see the ground, or to see above freezing temperatures, in March), but it will happen. And when it does, it's going to be glorious.

And, you know what? I really don't give a flying fuck that my skin is almost translucent in these photos from Swiss Miss. I have no shame anymore.
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And, today.... snow. And more snow. )
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Really, I just want to use my cute Polar Bear icon. I've used it before, but he's just so cute! I love his/her little round butt!
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It's -8°F outside (that's -22°C). It's actually better than what I was fearing, because it was supposed to get down to -10, -20, -30° last night. Maybe it did, I don't know. I usually like the idea of weather this cold. There's something bracing about it. I'll try to work on generating that.

Edit: I was wrong - there are supposed to be wind chills in the -20 to -30° range tonight.

mda said that he could run to his job in his shorts in this weather. I told him he would die if he did that. He said, "Naw. I bet I can run to work naked and be fine." I told him that his penis would freeze off. He laughed and went to work (fully clothed and in a car).


Jan. 21st, 2007 11:22 am
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mda just went outside and measured: 5 1/2".
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Now, that's winter.

I complain about it, but I like to at least earn those complaints.


Mar. 16th, 2006 06:44 pm
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Although I didn't see the sun all day, it set at 6:06 in my town. Looking at that same site, tomorrow we will have 11 hours and 59 minutes of daylight, while on Sat. we will have 12 hours and 1 minute of daylight (or something along those lines--you know, they don't tell me the number of seconds in addition to the minutes). I'm breathing in deep to get through the dark hours tonight.
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we were froxen in our house this morning, at least through the front door. We've got massive dripping on this side of the house. mda thinks that this side, which is about 15-20 years old (as opposed to the rest of the house, which is about 70) wasn't insulated enough. This is melting the snow on the roof. I think he's right, and I don't know why it didn't occur to us before. It must have been 10 degrees outside last night, and the icicles were dripping. Hence the fact that, while we could get in and outside of our door last night, we could not use the same door this morning because the ice had piled up to the point where it served as a door block.
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We measured the snow: 10". All since yesterday.

mda powered up the snowblower and did part of the driveway while I worked on the other parts. [hey, we were both out there--I had to dig out my car--might as well save him a little fuel. As it is, he ran out just as he was getting to the last patch.] Then our neighbor came by w/a riding plow. Did the rest for us. I got in to work an hour + 15 min. late. Most of our road wasn't plowed, and I think that my car was the lowest of all the ones that had come through and had made the little railroad tracks on the road for me to follow. I could feel the snow under the body of the car.

The sun has been shining, and this room is lit up!

I'm really trying to find the work-groove, here. I've sort of been given an assignment. Unofficial.
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Must be in the 8-9" range. I should really get moseying, b/c it's actually quite nice outside. It wasn't supposed to stop snowing for a few more hours, but the radar says it's totally gone. The weather dorks at the local radio stations have finally lost their stiffies.

ergh--but that means I have to somehow get out of my driveway! The bf said he'd fire up the snowblower (that someone left on their curb in September).


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