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7 minutes long. I really had fun watching it (every type of cloud formation you can imagine):
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While visiting my sisters & niece & nephew, I watched the movie, Frozen (I've got a 12 yo niece - she's not stereotypical, but what you gonna do?). Anyway, when I told E I was going in to watch it, she mentioned "Olaf", & how much she liked him, and I didn't know what she meant.

Olaf is the movie's cute funny friend. He is really a fun character. Here's "his" song when he first appears, and you can see he's a goof:

"All Olaf Moments":
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They're all over the place (4 close to me after I'd vacuumed a bunch last week).

Current number of boxelder bugs I've started to swallow (after they've climbed onto the top of my sodas): 5.
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One year in a time lapse video showing the earth tilted against the sun:

/looking forward to not using my polar bear icon for awhile (still haven't gotten there yet).
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That's -5° C.

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Comparing it to recent winters:

I know it's me writing about the winter. Sorry. Can't help it. I saw a patch of grass today on my lawn! That's because I shoveled a path out to the road (I can't use my driveway currently); but the grass showed up because that little thinner layer of snow (gasp!) melted!!
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Get this: no temps below zero (0° F) for the foreseeable future!
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I took a hammer to part of my driveway, because it's all ice now (I've stopped parking in my garage & driveway because of it). I thought I would knock back some of the ice (and get out my anger at the weather at the same time). It's too much. I only knocked about 2 sq. feet before giving up. It's 7°F (-13.88 °C). It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

But it's predicted to be 32 (0°) next Thursday!!

I'm sorry I can't bring you anything more. I need a break.
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I heard about this on the radio, two friends went to them two weekends ago, then it made the national news (nice pictures):
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The lows tonight are predicted to be in the single digits!1

I want to persuade people in the area to get out pictures taken outside each having a beer, and wearing bathing suits. Don't know if I'm that persuasive, though.

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Cool! That's 40 degrees more than right now.
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I swore years ago I would not complain about the weather; so I'll let someone else make a statement.

Now: time to get dressed and go out & buy some flour. These honey cookies aren't going to make themselves.
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That means it sets after 5 tomorrow!!
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Had this thought a few minutes ago: "Oh - it's predicted to get to 5 degrees F *above* zero tomorrow. Not below. I don't even know why you thought that was important to note on-line."

That's pretty damned early in the winter for me to feel that way.

I should note that tomorrow's high is the *lowest daytime high* that is predicted for this week (although it will be below zero at night through much of the week).


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