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BREAKING the HABIT, of course. No pix yet. I've got to download them from the camera first.

In terms of success in numbers, we had just over 600 people come through between 3 pm on Friday to the last count I came across at around 1 or so today (people were walking in at 4, when we closed). We estimate that about 400 people came last year from Friday - Sunday. We'll look at numbers of art that sold (although some of the art was tres cher this year). Read more... )
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Greg & Beth, friends of ours, were at the art opening last night. They were admiring a piece when Greg, holding a beer in his hand, went to adjust it. Spilled beer on it, which seeped through the glass and onto the matte.

So, they purchased it. Fortunately, it was only $50.

Not the same exact story for Steve Wynn. He was working on a deal for selling his Picasso, Le Reve (1932). Le Reve is considered one of Picasso's greatest works, and is also one of his outstanding pieces in his outstanding period of late 20s-early 30s (the "good" Marie-Therese years). While Wynn was talking about the piece in his office in front of his friends, he gesticulated abruptly and put his elbow through it; apparently, he put a hole in the damned thing. Ruined the sale, and probably brought the price of the piece down. He'll get it conserved, but still, that's got to suck. Oh, and I should mention that Wynn was arranging to sell the Picasso for, you know, $139 million. A little more than $50.

I heard this last night while going to sleep, and had to think of Greg's experience earlier that same evening. Damn, if I knew his wife's e-mail address, I'd send her the link.
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We had close to 400 people come.



I took as many pictures as I could of a LOT of people walking around, and being in art rooms. I'm told a lot of stuff has sold. I hope so.

Ok, so I've had at least 6 hrs/of sleep a night the last 2 nights, but I spent 7 hrs at the Convent on Wed, about 12 hours hanging on Thursday, and 12 hrs there tonight (knocking off, mentally, around 6 - 4 hrs before leaving - b/c I just was tired of trying to do the right things and it started to feel too much like work), so I feel exhausted anyway. I'm going to bed.

Hope to have pix as soon as I can bring my camera in and download the pix.
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I can't believe I've not written more about Swiss Miss lately, although really we've been setting up for this upcoming show, so maybe that's why. The Breaking the Habit show is this weekend. I'm feeling better about my participation in the actual show this year (although I still wasn't there for Sunday's take down; in my defense, we didn't know it would only take 2 hours or so to do the whole thing). And, oh, although I had the same problem yesterday that I was afraid I would have: I still can't make decisions for shit.
We've "plastered" Mad-town (I was only around for one of those events, so I don't know how much further plastering has occurred, although I'm sure that Swiss Miss Cheivous was responsible for quite a bit of it).

We may have had an artist flip out on us and not show up, and she was designated for her own room (only 10 artists have their own rooms). Talking w/nadine_a earlier last night, I suggested that we just bring in our own personal art to fill the spaces if we feel like it's looking too sparse; we could just put "NFS" signs on them. That gave nadine_a the idea for a Plan B if the artist has permanently flaked out (hopefully flaked and not, like, got into a car crash or something). Plan B is to fill the room w/our own personal possesssions of art work. I think jujupees and wi_c could fill a room no problem.

Anyway, so I"m v. happy I had the idea and that we've got a Plan B.

Some of the labels for the artists are already done, which is amazing b/c we were still doing them up to the time of the show last year. I write "we" when I mean the Swiss Miss, although it was really jujupees who was doing most of them. Shit, I just remember her sitting in our private suite area while she was typing and tired and it just looked painful for her. I'm going to stop reliving those times right now.

And, DAMN, they're announcing Breaking the Habit on Wisc. Public Radio in the mornings, at least. That is so frickin' weird to hear that.

I also saw a piece on Breaking the Habit in our little local paper. About half the para., it feels like, is about Swiss Miss, who, like, "deny that they have anything to do with Con Agra Foods, which manufactures Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate...." He didn't use the word "deny" but it sounded sort of like that. Like we run around and say, "No! We have nothing to do with Con Agra! I told you before and I'll tell you again!"

Anyway, I'm sure that the little old ladies in town will be pissed that we didn't take out an ad in the local paper, but we sent them a press release. We just forgot the ad, that's all.

All right, on to worky worky.
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It's cropped, gotta tell you. Our sponsors are not shown on the image; this is just b/c I want as big an image as possible that shows the ladies in photoshopped goodness w/their ruffle butts.

Seriously, our Graphic Designer (TM) does a great job. We look good!

Really, I'm amazed our legs look as good as they do. I think the design adds that desire we so market on.
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With pix. From Swiss Miss, oh six, and all bows to Swiss Miss Demeanor....

"Hit it, Jeff" (Swiss Miss Chievous)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

see more.... and more.... and more--there are a lot of photos here )
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Thanks to one of the guys who made it to BobFest and to Swiss Miss Demeanor:

Wow. so that's what we looked like.
Everyone's got fabulous looks on their faces. I, on the other hand, am already reaching for my overalls.
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Taken at the rehearsal. Sorry if they're dark, but you get some sense:

A la Rockettes, backing up Swiss Miss 2005's main singer
(nadine_a; the only one who can really perform):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wow--B's leg extension is a thing of beauty (far right). And, looking at it, so is jujupees'.

Then below: me 'n de silver boots being backed up by da ladies
(doing the Macarena):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was going to post more pictures, but I think I'll wait 'til I get photos taken of the day (hopefully).
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Unfortunately I do not have photos for the moment of this year's BobFest event w/the Misses, although many were taken, including our before and after (glam) shots (in my after shot, I projected a "lady in distress" look--very Cindy Sherman now that I think about it). Why did we need glam shots? It's "farm girl chic," don't you see? I mean, it was us doing "Baby, I'm in the mood for you," w/a sort of torch song/burlesque feel (we picked the song b/c it has the line, "Sometimes I'm in the mood, I want to hear my milk cow moan").

Basic uniform was overalls and a white tank top. Then we each glammed up the overalls in our own way. 3 of the Misses slit their overalls to open up the bottom of the legs, while 2 of the 3 put fabric into the now open-legged overalls, using silvery stuff or red glittery stuff. At the suggestion of M, I cut my shorts almost to the crotch then put black fringe along the bottom. So it was overalls, fringe, fishnets, silver boots. Most of us ended up put long fringe on our back pockets, too, and most of us had it on our front bibs so that everything moved as we shook and shimmied. There was just shitloads of glitter and glam everywhere on a bunch of overalls, see? Oh, and ruffle butts. Which leads to this year's t-shirt logo--"Ruffle Butts for Bob". Then jujupees picked up some really out there make-up, we used the fake eyelashes that jaaladay gave us, and nadine_a's sister did our hair really big. 1 of the Misses, B, had curlers in her hair all day so that when she took them out, she had these little ringlets. Excellent. She looked like a 20's movie star (well, 'cept for the overalls, I guess).

At the suggestion of one woman who came to a rehearsal, all of us sang the refrain, "Baby, I'm in the mood for you," w/each verse (as 1 by 1, we all got up and sang a verse on our own). By the time we got to the 3rd verse, people knew what to expect. That was the verse where we had our backs to the audience, hit our asses, then bent over and sang, "Baby I'm in the mood for you," while pointing out of our open legs.

And, yeah, people laughed at my orgasm sound (the song goes, "but then again, but then again, I said oh, oh, oh... Baby, I'm in the mood for you. Since the "oh oh oh" is kind of sexy, I said I had to make a kind of "oh GOD" sound, 'coz that's, you know, sometimes what I sound like at those moments). After playing at the dress rehearsal, I hit upon the idea of doing that sound, then sort of shaking afterwards, as I ended w/"I'm in the mood for you."

[the following is an exerpt from a response I gave to [ profile] jaaladay]
As for the performance as a whole? It was perfect. We hit everything right--the song, the dance moves, the attitude--and people laughed where we wanted them to laugh (and also made wolf calls where we wanted them to).

One of the Swiss Misses said that, at the end, she looked over at Karin (the wife half of the general store where BobFest takes place) & she was laughing hysterically. Oh, good!! We were really worried, especially b/c we dropped our pants at the end of the song (w/ruffle butts on, of course, and white tank tops that, as we stood together, spelled out: "MOOOODD"--jujupees wanted a double-d on her chest, that's why the word ends w/2 ds--apparently, this was wi_c's suggestion). We were slightly worried, as much as we told ourselves that it was family friendly (what with the ruffle-butts and stockings it wasn't too bearing), that we wouldn't be asked back next year.

After the performance, nadine_a ran into a woman from Chicago who told her that last year, she and her husband came up to the area on a whim, happened to catch BobFest, and saw us. This year, they came up for BobFest, and when her husband was saying it was too hot and he wanted to leave, she said specifically that they had to wait for us to go on.

I also met a woman who said our act was the funniest thing she'd seen in years. YAY!

Then at a party at nadine_a's house, I met a woman who's worked in some burlesque and she said we hit it really well. That's what I was hoping for. Apparently, as I mentioned the other day, I was one of the women who really owned the attitude. That's what she and many people mentioned to me (well, that and the comments about the silver boots).

So, that's my part of BobFest.

On the business side, Furthermore Beer--the co. that wi_c is part owner of--was selling beer and of course they did well--there was a line all day at the beer tent. I heard some good comments throughout the day about their beer. Like, "Oh, yeah, the Proper is really good." (I like both, although I've got a thing in my heart for their peppery beer). Cool thing, they worked out something w/TOmmy Porter of Lake Louie that they could sell their beer & his beer, so essentially Tommy didn't screw himself out of the beer-selling opportunities, he didn't have to provide the labor to sell the beer, and Furthermore beer got to make its public debut--in fact, [ profile] maxchaos was out there pouring beer, too. What a shock to see her. I wish I'd seen her at nadine_a's later on.

So, overall, somehow with everything that's gone on, and all of our other priorities, we managed to pull it off again. Thanks so much to the other Misses for putting everything into it. Next? Art show!
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So we had our first performance in front of the Misters tonight. It was good. I think we're owning that song finally. nadine_a's husband, B, got it on tape--he's a born director. Just had these great cuts between us, singing about how we're "in the mood," and the guys sitting in the kitchen all talking to each other (we were doing pre-performance work, but still it was really funny).

Oh, and he filmed chickens. Right after I make my crazed orgasmic sound. I felt bad about doing that--like a little hokey--but it's really too frickin' funny. Will Bob aprpeciate it? Probably not, but who knows?

So, what do I have to say about myself? Well, taking my glasses off helps a lot. I can "look" out into the audience w/out my soul leaping out of my body. Apparently, this helped w/the impression of the Misters, who felt that I had some "good moves". And, hey, we drop our drawers at the end of the song, so that helps, too (so do ruffle-butts).

And I've got to scale back on our "Charleston" move. I look like some yuni-gani goddess on an Indian temple. I knew what I was going for, but I don't think we're ready for that right now with the Charleston ("Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, the big Charleston contest!" <--It's a Wonderful Life).

ok, I must sleep b/c I have to add accourtrements to a pair of overalls tomorrow. The silver boots do really work, but I need something that owns up to them.
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loved a piece of clothing as much as I currently love these boots

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They're here. .And they are really, really silver.

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Ruffle butts for M

a hanky to stuff in my busom.

I think that's about it. I really hope those silver boots come soon.
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Oh, yes, if you didn't know, the Misses are performing again at BobFest. That's where we get "farm-girl chic." In fact, I've got silver boots on order. I've actually been dancing in heels (you have no idea what a big deal that is for me), with fishnets. Oh, and overalls. Oh, and the rest of the Swiss Misses, so this is all cool. 4 of us met last night and it went pretty well. No major fuck-ups. Next get together on Tuesday.

Speaking of boots, I really need to head to the post office to see if they came in....

Swiss miss

Dec. 11th, 2005 08:59 pm
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I should work on the moonutes, but I've worked on minutes and notes for other things lately, and plus I've just been damned tired all day.

The Swiss Miss got together last night and finished putting the Convent back in order, for the most part. Then we went roller skating. I don't know about the others but I fell 3 times. Which is better than I thought I would do, but coordination has never been my strong point. Needless to say, my ass hurts and I've developed some really interesting stigmata-like bruises on my wrists from the last time I fell. Kind of cool to look at. Plus I didn't break anything or rip any cartilage, but I think that's just a matter of time (like, the next time I go roller skating--definitely, I need some knee, elbow and wrist pads, although that would mean I couldn't wear wrist bands for the copious sweat on my wrists).

We'll have to find out the rest of the lyrics, but apparently 1 of the artists in the show has kids who heard about the Swiss Miss activities in BobFest, and wrote a song entitled, "The 12 Days of Swiss Miss":

On the first day of Swiss Miss, my Mister gave to me... A bandaid for Emily's knee

On the 2nd day of Swiss Miss, my Mister gave to me... 2 tequila shots

3 tandem bikes

4 more beers...

After that, we're not sure, but "5 ruffle butts" & "6 Swiss Miss sounds" right

Speaking of....

While we went to a bar after roller skating called the Bat Cave, and this idea came up: It's a visual thing )
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I think these give you more of a sense of how much art there was. These still do not show how much was up there.

Read more... )
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That's the name of the show, yo.

Today was just as satisfying as Fri. and Sat. night. A steady stream of people came through all day. The Swiss Miss were lagging and I've got a picture of 3 of the SM totally leaning on their arms at around 3pm today (we were open from 12-5). That photo is behind the cut.

We met some former Catholic School graduates who were in town for a class reunion. In their 60s, probably. One woman (who could have really been a friend of my mom) was saying that when she was in school, the convent was this mysterious place and to finally see it was a secret revelation (ok, my words; I can't remember exactly what she said).

For this reason, we momentarily turned off the computer screen with hardcore porn images. We realized we had the "afterchurch" crowd. We also had 3 pre-adolscent boys come through and I'm sure they were lookin' for boobs, 'coz they spent a lot of time there. Damn kids!

Someone else said that they were in Spring Green and heard someone say, "Have you been to The Convent?"

Ok, I'll only inundate you with 6-7 photos.

Graphics by nadine_a.

ok, so I'm stealing off of our own site. Fucking shoot me.
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This afternoon I'm going to assist in the beginning set-up of the art show next week. Did I mention Swiss Miss is doing an art show? Well, we've put one together, anyway, and we've got to start cleaning the venue today, as much as we can. And for those who are wondering, we won't be performing, not to my knowledge. Which is good, b/c I haven't picked up the flute in months. Total post-SM depression I think, followed by something else (it was a weird summer). Overall malaise, I think.

I think I may have found a cure for mind viruses--Rehab's version of "Gin & Juice" (that's the version of Snoop Dogg's song that's all bluegrass-y).

Do I have the coolest name in the history of lj? seattleforge thinks so. Fortunately, no one gets confused and calls me Leinies. Or Spotted Cow. At least to my face.

I started character profiles and the writing down of some plot points for nanowrimo. Mda said to me the other day, "The one thing you cannot write about is Tal." "Uh, sorry, that's exactly what I'm planning to write about." Write what you know, hmmm? Plus I'm tired of coming across books where the writer obviously doesn't really understand the art subject that they're talking about. Ok, Girl with a Pearl Earring as well as Girl in Hyacinth Blue were okay, but The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes strained credulity (an emergency art conservation project on a 400 yo painting completed in 2 weeks?!!?), and then there are the Dan Brown books ("Da Vinci Code"). [I apologize if these titles are not hyperlinked--I was having quite a problem trying to get lj to recognize the HTML, even though I thought I was doing it correctly.] Well, and The Dante Club was good (I got a real sense of New England in the late 19th Century). So maybe it's just all Dan Brown's fault... no, that guy who wrote The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes really did need someone to kick him in the shins.

Anyway, the point is that if we're going to have a fictional representation of art objects or places, why not let me take a crack at it and include the real stuff in there?

I've told mda I want to make this a murder mystery. Why, I don't know, other than (a) because of Dan Brown, murder mysteries + art are all the rage and (b) perhaps I can get away with this without having to resort to complex and sad "character" "development".

Of course, this is all saying that I'm actually going to write something. I still haven't even completed putting in all the edits on my other Tal. book. Oh well. I've got to start somewhere.
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We've got mugs, steins, t-shirts, buttons and stickers!

Next up--a website called ['coz we're culture jamming, but a churn has to be in there somewhere.]
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Swiss Miss.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

8 pictures. And only a little ruffle-butt panty viewing. I have more, with people's kids and others, but I wanted to protect their anonymity. And I know there are more photos out there.

Lookit--the prettiest girls in 2, count 'em 2, Wisconsin counties, wearing to-be-sure-fetishistic-FARM-Themed-outfits. Some of the girls play guitar. And drums. )

Sigh. I guess I'll have to get used to not being a rock star anymore. mda tells me I always am, but I don't usually get as much nooky.

And, damn, my ruffle-butt panties already dropped a thread. I might actually be able to sew them now, what with all the sewing of the last week.

Maybe I'll put the last moonutes up here for perusal.


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