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Just a few minutes ago, I ripped into my purse desperately searching for gum. I try to make sure I've got a stick or two always in my bag, so I felt pretty sure I had something in there. Sometimes I go looking for gum with the intensity of how I used to search for cigarettes.

Success! I ripped into that piece of chewing gum like no one's business. Then had to post about it.

The last time I had a cigarette was 246 days ago. I would have spent about $1,476 on cigarettes in that time. I have probably spent around $20 on gum. Maybe a little more. I find sometimes that this intense desire for gum (in its similarity of the desire for cigarettes - at least emotionally) is somewhat humorous/silly/pathetic (depending on my outlook). Still, I think I'll continue to take gum chewing over cigarette smoking.
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On Jan. 11, 1964, the Surgeon General first report against cigarettes came out.

Here's a piece regarding a new report put out by the Surgeon General about the problems of smoking:
Smoking is a cause of liver cancer and colorectal cancer, the fourth-most-diagnosed form of the disease in the United States, Acting Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak found in a report released Friday. In addition, he said, smoking is a cause of Type 2 diabetes mellitus, age-related macular degeneration, erectile dysfunction and rheumatoid arthritis. It can impair the immune system, worsen asthma and cause cleft lips and palates in fetuses. And exposure to secondhand smoke can cause strokes.

Smokers today have a much higher risk of developing lung cancers than did smokers in the 1960s, probably because of changes in the design and composition of cigarettes over time, according to the findings.
Well, the thought that there is a lower choice of getting macular degeneration is hopeful. I don't think my chances of getting Type 2 diabetes is a fear (unless I gain 50 lbs. at least). The other cancers aren't as much of a concern because I figure I've got a greater chance of getting breast cancer.

I wanted to write something humorous, but was unsuccessful. Sorry about that.
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When I first started doing this, 11 weeks ago, I found myself often clenching my teeth. I've notice in the last few days that I've begun to drop this habit!*

Given that I was spending $15 every 2 days on cigarettes, I would have spent $577.50 in 11 weeks. Subtracting the amount I've spent on patches & gum, I've saved $418.11.

* Of course, now that I've written this, I keep clenching my teeth every time I see it. 8]
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"Do Cigarettes Make You Insane? Some Anti-Tobacco Arguments From the 1920s."
By Rebecca Onion

It includes a link to some fun cigarette ads, which I recommend looking at. Some of the adcopy includes:
More Doctors Smoke Luckies Than Any Other Cigarette
To Keep a Slender Figure, No One Can Deny: Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet


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