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Episodes 1 to 3 in just about 2 hours (Jar Jar says about 5 words & Annakin doesn't appear as a kid & isn't generally as annoying):
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It's an audio recording with a cartoon with a little girl talking to her dad about how good Leia looks. The article (with a link to the audio/cartoon) is in

*I'd mistakenly referred to the gold bikini scenes as having been from The Empire Strikes Back. I was correctly taught by immemor. Proves I'm a girl, so that's always nice.
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Makes you laugh out loud (even while you feel bad for O'Brien).
The Most Depressing Job Ever: Chief O’Brien (ST:TNG) at Work [Comics]
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Just one photo of the two in a library (maybe Norrell's Hurtfew Abbey):

Here's a link on it from Wikipedia:

The question becomes: when can I buy this on DVD? Another one is "can I see this via the internet?"
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Or I should write, "The First Delightful Hack..."

Hint: the title is "If George Lucas directed 'Star Wars: Episode VII'":

Star Wacky

Nov. 29th, 2014 05:24 pm
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This just makes me laugh:

It's a shot-for-shot dissection of the new Star Wars Teaser with a geekiness that's like the geeks that Anthony Michael Hall is hanging out with in the movie, 16 Candles.
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This stuff is great:

It started when Christopher Walken doing Han Solo just went through my head.

And speaking of Christopher Walken (or the actor who can imitate him so well), here's Kevin Spacey on "The Actor's Studio" doing a lot of imitations on command:
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They have a "Techie haiku" that they give awards to, then put the haikus into e-mails that they send out. This is the one with today's e-mail:
Hogwarts has one spell
Outlawed near the urinals:
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In an ad for a time traveler t-shirt:
What do we want!
Time travel!
When do we want it!
Well, technically, it doesn't really matter.
The copy is better than the shirt.
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I came across this on Cracked: The 7 Most Baffling Moments in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

So I decided to scare up my post-SWHS experience that I wrote about on LJ. I'm always glad to see, on watching this, that it's a bad a memory as possible.
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I haven't laughed this hard since the Matrix meets Carl Sagan.

Thanks to low_delta.


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