Jun. 23rd, 2013 01:04 pm
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Photoshop fun under the cut.
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He started after the announcement that Disney was buying Marvel Comics. His explanation is below:
This project started after the announcement of Disney buying Marvel comics and all the the fans started making Pixar / Avengers images. Well I was not terribly happy with the images that they were doing, so I tried to do better. ( Most of what I saw was recoloured images from "The Incredibles" movie screen grabs )

Mainly, this was just another way to better know Photoshop and I used the same rules as when I did those "Star Wars" posters. Just collected a lot of images using Google, cut and pasted them together, and this is what you get. I put them in a format that makes them look like those movie & comic trading cards I use to collect as a kid.

Hope you enjoy.
Posted by Phil Postma
He went from there to Star Wars, then Star Trek which is how I found out about it from a man I know, named Fred.
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I'm not a Photoshop expert, but I can't believe someone wouldn't notice that the bottom image has been mutated & skewed in an image program to make the woman look thinner.

But maybe that's just me.
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Remember what our president says:

I hope you had a good one yesterday, [ profile] anterastilis, and have a good one today, [ profile] kalimama!
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He put the opportunity out there, and I fulfilled it. Battlefield Earth, and "Battlefield Alaska".

Gladys bless my photoshoppy skills.

And his, since he did some flipping of the originating images so that Mr. Travolta and Mrs. Palin are looking in the same direction.
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Yes: I know an image program. Unfortunately, it is one that no other platform uses, and is no longer produced (MIC). But I know it well.

With that, I was able to take an image and write on it for mda. He'd like to print out the image and place it in a variety of places. My actions scored many "hot babe coolness" points:

And, oh yes, this image comes from Con Air. One of the best, silly action movies, EVER.
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I do not understand composition, except in an academic way, and I'm sure that I need to do more of these "flower arrangements", but I took some of the images that Reg [eris, that is] has posted, and I put them into a picture. I was originally imagining an actual bouquet, but I realized I was missing just a little bit of the skillz. Anyway, behind the cut is the jpeg I came up with.

They're all out of season with each other (and certainly not to scale), but I just want to give props to Reg for posting them all summer long. They've been a very nice thing to see every day. And I've enjoyed the thought process, anyway.

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