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Cute thing on Slate going over the sad faces seen on the Olympics medal stand, and an analysis of medal winners (that the bronze winners are often more happy than the silver winners):
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Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences
By Caitlin Dewey

I feel torn because there are friends who are boycotting these Olympics because of the very real and sad state of gay rights in Russia, but there is the old desire to see them, because it's the Olympics! Well, and aside from the fact that I don't have a t.v. any more which almost makes the question moot. But there's stuff on the internet that I could watch. And I'm sad to miss the ice skating, because that was one of my favorite things to watch.
I'm also a fan of hockey. This is just funny because of how awkward I am on the ice. I never took lessons as a kid so can't do it. And I am not a graceful person. If you want someone to twist her knees, fall on her face - literally - and not stand upright on ice skates, I'm your girl.
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Lycecek totally deserved the Gold that he won and Weir deserved better than 6th place (I think he deserved 4th).

I have spoken.

Oh, and I liked the guy—Japanese skater Nobunari Oda—who did the Charlie Chaplin thing in his routine, stopped it b/c of a wonky shoe lace, repaired it, and went back, finished the program like there was no pause in time. That guy totally was fun.


Aug. 16th, 2008 09:51 am
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The winner of "most overused word in this post" is... "amazing".

It shows that the Olympics have the power to impress me, I guess.

Watched the Olympics last night. I forgot that I'm not a huge fan of Track & Field events (they remind me of being sweaty and really bad at whatever sport I was doing); but watching people run around was cool. They were really fast and that was amazing.

There was the 10,000 meter women's competition, which I woke for up for the end of (it was close to 1 a.m. by the time they showed it). I was happy for the USA bronze winner - she was really, really happy (she wasn't like, "Oh, well.... I could have won gold, but I failed.... I'll accept the bronze... I guess") and that was cute, but I wish they showed the winner, b/c she was amazing to watch at the end.

And I actually got excited watching the swimming competition. That's an easy one to like, I think, because all I have to do is look for who's first; and it's wicked fast. There were a few yelling moments for me. I don't really root for anyone in particular (since I don't know a lot about the competitors in swimming), I just like it when people are really close, or when a person comes out of nowhere, or is losing and slowly starts to win. Or, really, when someone totally kicks everyone else's ass, because that's amazing, too.

The race in which Michael Phelps won his 7th gold medal of these Olympics was very exciting, since he was waay, way losing, then slowly inched up, then won by 1/100th of a second because his hands reached the touch pad first. Of course, they had to show it over and over again, but damn, I did scream right at the end, b/c it was amazing.

They had a segment with Phelps and Mark Spitz, since Spitz is the only other Olympian to win 7 Gold medals during 1 Olypmics (I always forget that). I remember the footage of Spitz from 1972 (yes, I am that old), but I have no memory of the games themselves (I was 4). I just envision the footage of him with the 'stache pumping his fist in the air when he won.

Spitz was really nice to Phelps, very complimentary, and from what he was saying you could see he still has a huge interest in swimming competitions and is knowledgeable about everyone's work; he didn't come off as a self-absorbed jock who wanted to relive his triumph, he wanted to really tell Phelps that he did an amazing job. Bob Costas asked Spitz if Phelps is "the greatest Olympian ever."

I understand the desire that the networks are trying to feed (we want the biggest fastest, strongest, greatest), but asking a question like that is completely ridiculous. But no one listens to me on that; plus, I wouldn't make a good commentator in that way.


Oh, and that reminds me, they interviewed Koby Bryant regarding, what they're calling, "The Redeem Team" (the basketball team). The person asked Bryant something like, "Where does such an incredible level of patriotism [i.e., yours] come from?"

What?! We're kind of inculcated into it as children, you idiot.

And, uh, 9-11 sort of pushed up our patriotism levels, in case you have been living in a cryogenic state since the 1990s.

And then the guy asked if this was a lifelong dream of Bryant's, Bryant answered correctly, of course: that of course everyone wants to be in the Olympics as a kid. But, really: the guy's a damned NBA player; he's not a gymnast, or shot puter, or Judo competitor, who's wanted to do this since he was a kid. His desire, when he was a kid, to be in the Olympics probably matches my level of desire as a kid to be in the Olympics.

In other words, he probably wanted to be in the NBA when he was a kid.

Then the guy said something like, "Isn't that kind of patriotism a little, I don't know, dorky today? It's not, you know, cool to admit you love your country."

WHAT?! The person who asked that question currently lives in a country where, in some levels, a person who doesn't wear a lapel pins is accused of hating their country.

So making fun of that was amusing.

SO that's about what I remember for the moment.


Aug. 9th, 2008 08:45 pm
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I missed the artistic portion. I thought it came on at 8 p.m. our time, but it started at least an hour earlier. Still, I watched most of the teams come on the stage, and while they're not part of some scheduled display, I always do like seeing them. I get all teary for predictable sentimental reasons - "they're doing their best and they are doing it for themselves and their countries! Big sniff!!"

The part of them lighting the torch was cool: the person who did it (a former Chinese Olympian, as were all of them) was lifted up and did a play of slow-running around the edge of the top of the stadium while scenes furled behind him. It really looked like he was running through air at moments (and of course, mda & I had to admire the man's endurance to do the show for so long).

I'm watching beach vollyball right now, which I'm not a fan of normally, but it's fun to see the ball jump around. And the cool tattoes.

And I'm actually surprised that not more people have talked about the footage during the opening ceremony showing how much GWB looked completely bored. I think my 2 favorite shots are: him bouncing his leg and checking his watch; and him bouncing the American flag off his leg in boredom. At those moments, I just want to say, "Dude: I know it's long and it might be boring but SUCK IT UP! This is part of your damned job. Don't look bored, ok, b/c you're the President of the United States and someone might shoot footage of you. At any moment. Get. Used. To. It." Take a breath, look down, damn, you could talk to your wife about how boring it all is, at least you would be seen talking. Instead of slamming the American flag on your leg in impatience.


Aug. 25th, 2004 09:32 pm
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From tonight, there are a few things I'll remember. The Greek woman who won the 400 meter hurtle race. Surrounded by a stadium mostly filled w/Greeks, running her best time ever.

The US guy who won bronze in Greco-Roman wrestling. He'd won teh gold in the 2000 Olympics, had a heartbreaking story, yada yada (actually, he almost died), but was coming back and said that no matter what, that the medal contention game would be his. When he won the bronze, he went to the mat and took off his shoes. There's this tradition (so the announcers tell me) that a retiring wrestler takes off their shoes and puts them into the center of the ring. So he did that, w/the cameras on, and there's this huge guy, just sobbing.
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So, the males swimmers--do they wax their body hair off, shave, Nair, or do the Native American trick of smearing their bodies w/mud, then ripping it off?
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Women's gymnastics...
"Is that a 9 yo girl from China?" Nope, an 18 year old.
And the commentators tell us, "The Chinese have great skill... they can lift their arms completely over their heads...!"

Hey, I think I spotted breasts on at least 3 girls!
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I can't believe a boy from Waukesha won the gold. Especially after he majorly f*cked up in the vault. Still the "high bar" with me thinking, "yep, he's swining in circles... swinging in circles... changes hands, does a flip... swinging in circles..." But that was really cool. I thought it was really exciting b/c there was a point there that you didn't know. Then there was Brett McClure, American, who got a lackluster score on his last event that put him out of the medals, and he shrugged, smiled, and walked away. That was cool.

And the American women broke a world-record in swimming. Plus, the Dutch guy in swimming led an exciting race.

Got a call from WI-C, and I was treated to a luxurious lunch by him, and the site of [ profile] jaaladay, with shorn hair. It must have been a while since I've seen her. While relaxing with the 'rents in WI-C and [ profile] jujupees's kitchen, we heard screaming. Looked out the side window and there was a little jaaladay-boy offspring running around the house. He'd tumbled out of the window, poor thing. I inadequately attempted to open WI-C's porch door to do what, i don't know, comfort a screaming child who wanted his mama and didn't know who I was. The 2 parents took the mishap in style, seeing the humor. As did I. I can't imagine what you would think at that point. "How did I get out here? Ow, I'm in pain. Where am I? WHERE'S MOM?! Where am I? Ow, ow ow!!! I fell out a window!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!"
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I hear that I could have seen the air rifle competition, which I did not. Air rifle? Like that think where you pump up the air rifle and a puff of air comes out? Maybe I should argue for the "I can stick my fist in my mouth" competition for the Olympics, because that's something I could probably get a medal in.

I'm for the most part very happy that the coverage this year does not consist of 5-20 minute videos on some American athlete who comes in 3rd.

The men's swimming relay was last night, as the American & Australians were battling out at the beginning of the last 200 meters (the last guy to jump in the pool & do 4 laps). Everyone focused on Michael Phelps, who's now on his 5th medal, but that last guy was racing against the fastest swimmer in the world, or one of them, and he held his own. The poor guys in the middle! They get no glory. Oh, yeah, well they get a gold.

And I watched the women's gymnastics, of course. The Romanians deserved it, they just did a better job. TO see these little 4'2", 72 lb Mexican jumping beans is always a little bizarre. The gymnastics overall do seem less accident prone than 1996 I think it was. Everybody was flubbing then.


Aug. 16th, 2004 11:03 pm
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Totally happy for Japan in the men's gymnastics.

2 boys from Wisconsin ROCK. Even though Paul Hamm sounds like he's sucking down helium.


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