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A couple of years ago, I wrote a Nanowrimo novel in which the main character writes cursive, and teaches someone else to do it. It's linked to security. I see I stumbled across something interesting.
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Just above the word count goal for the day!

Our guide, Alvo, is just about to bring the main character & her partner (the fiction-version of mda), and the cloned FLLW, into the ship's arboretum.
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Only that much to get me caught up to today's word count goal for Nanowrimo! Cool - I only wrote 600 words on Thurs., and didn't write on Friday, so this makes me hopeful.

Writing about FLLW being his jerky self is helping.
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It doesn't take place in an old library. Although the main character, name of Bette, is older than me. I've got to work in old newspapers and going insane soon, although I think it will involve space and time travel, and FLLW in space!


Nov. 9th, 2008 10:10 pm
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I've really been uncommitted to this year's nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) project. I tried starting a new book, but wasn't interested in working on it, when I think last year's was better (but never finished). I thought it would be silly to work on a new book that I'm not interested in, and then have TWO books I hadn't finished (even if I "won" this year).

I don't know what I'll do regarding being "official" - nano is supposed to be a new book, and supposed to be 50,000 new words. Unless I write 50,000 new words, I'll "lose" officially. But I'd like to use this month to devote myself to finishing the damned book from last year. So, that's my nano update.
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Official count as of now, a paltry 50,093.

I stopped in the middle of a scene, so there's still more to write. But I'm liking this stuff, so I think that will all be cool.


Nov. 26th, 2007 09:28 pm
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Can't use the word "gossa" for "shit" in my novel (that comes from Firefly). Or any of the half-Chinese words from Firefly.

I know that it's more likely that a future world system would use Spanish, Chinese (particularly Mandarin) and Indian for common communication, along with English, but I dont' have time to learn that stuff! And I wouldn't know what they were saying if I did!

So far, I've used damn, crap, and a few made up words (including "garg"--don't ask me, I'm writing a damned novel in a month).

Ok. I have to get back to work.

"Gossa"'s such a great word. And mda & I had my niece and nephew using it. They probably figured it was a "bad" word, b/c we were laughing so much. Hopefully it's not a bad word in Mandarin, b/c I don't know who they're running into. Although I'm pretty sure they forgot it. Particularly b/c my niece was all into calling mda a "bucket of buffalo barf."

WELL! There's a curse RIGHT THERE!

note: I've used "bucket of buffalo barf" to describe a piece of gossa.

Oh, and word count: 48,254.
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I have less than 8,000 words to go (I'm at 42,261):

I've fixed some things up. Yesterday evening, I mapped out where more things should go. So it was better writing b/c I knew what I wanted to do.

I got rid of Borges, b/c I can't do him justice. Although his book is still in my book.

I killed someone yesterday, and decided not to, so he's back alive. I'll have to check him out again.

So that's where I am.

word count

Nov. 19th, 2007 09:26 pm
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Doin ok. I introduced a new character and maybe he'll bring them back to the complex my MC was at a week ago (which was cool but a little boring, hence part of the reason for my major re-write). Hopefully she'll do some prostitution somewhere. Still don't know what Borges has got to do with any of this, and you know, I've also realized that, um, I CAN'T WRITE LIKE BORGES. He was, like, soo sooo much, well, he was a writer and amazing and I'm doin this thing in a month and, just to say, again and for myself that I AIN'T BORGES. I wish I could do justice to his ideas but, y'know, don't think it's gonna happen. But I still want to use him.

But it's interesting, more so than a week ago, so I'm still glad I stopped what I'd been doing and switched direction.

Oh, word count: 34,128.

About 68.49% of the way to 50,000 words. About 2,400 words ahead, so that's good.

Oh, and I donated to the site. It's worth it to me for enjoyment for the month, the profits go to cool causes, and I get a little halo on my head on the site, and I'm all about the halo.
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I'm at over 30,000 words, I've had a sandwich for dinner, and I've spent some time revisiting the entry in Wikipedia regarding the cleaning on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I think they might have a point--that the people who did the cleaning took the same attitude toward the ceiling as the spandrels, and thought that Michelangelo did everything a fresco, in wet plaster; but the argument is that he may have changed his technique and did things a secco, painting on dry plaster, and that the removal of the lamp black that he used took away some of his work and changed his intent. Although the "neutrality of the article is [now] disputed" (it wasn't when the posted it on the front page a few days ago). I then went to the websites regarding art restoration and copied the stuff because some of the people I work with might want to see this one day.

Oh, and totally strange: I was outside having a cigarette and noticed some greenery where there usually isn't at this time of year (the land rises at the edge of our backyard and is covered in dead leaves, so greenery is somewhat rare even in summer, unless it's a weed). I walked back there and it was garlic mustard, growing. I had removed all the stuff I could find in the spring, when it's supposed to be growing, but there it was, this circle of it. All these little plants about 3-5 inches tall. So I just began pulling it out (Ha! You thought you'd FOOLED ME garlic mustard!!). Some of the roots were relatively deep (about 4 inches) so I wonder if this wasnt' just sneaky survival tactics on a part of the dreaded GM.

Although, Ah!, the WI DNR site provides me with this information:
Seeds germinate in early April. First-year plants appear as basal rosettes in the summer season. First-year plants remain green through the following winter, making it possible to check for the presence of this plant in your woods throughout the year.
Never knew that before, and I don't remember seeing it in the fall before now. Still, my hands were quite chilly pulling that stuff out of the ground without gloves.

As for the nano: she's still on the planet she started off in (before I made the major changes in the novel, she was on another planet--or was it a satellite?); she's discovered a "nerve inhibitor" to eliminate the pain in the hand that just got blasted by a quantum gun, and the man she's hanging out with (who's like a grab-bag of "has almost any cool techie stuff you need") uses quantum physics to cut down on closet space. Oh, and she and the geekie tech guy are building her a little thing for her hand so that she has a good surface to balance off of when writing. It's kind of cool--it's like this little wooden half-glove. Maybe I should make it plastic or something (no metal, tho).

I'm still trying to figure out where space prostitution and Jesus shooting lasers from his eyes comes in, although I do have my ideas.
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I put this up before.

And, kooky, the widget is hosted on The people who do nanowrimo have guest authors writing encouragement e-mails once a week and Neil Gaiman was this week, so he must be into it a little. There have been several others and, nicely, they all talk about how they get to a point in their writing where they think it sucks, too.

wordcount widgets
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I just surpassed the daily word count. The ideal count is 25,005. I'm at 25,376.

And my MC just lost 2 1/2 fingers on her right hand. She's got her thumb and index finger--there has to be some rollover for the "crap, I'm writing a book in a month" thing, so she still has grabbing ability. I don't have time to write that someone has to build her a mechanical device so that she can write.
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The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clich├ęs!

The page has a variety of subsets, and a ratings system, but I'm just showing the phrases that I found amusing.

Here are a few of my favorites:
* The Good Guys travel through time to stop a historical Bad Guy, usually Hitler.
* A high-tech amusement park goes lethally berserk.
* "Single female monster ISO single human male. Object: Mating."
* Alien races that find our women attractive, while we find theirs to be repulsive.
* Extra breasts on the alien women.
* The incredibly competent man-of-action with more skills/degrees than you can shake a blaster at.
* The incredibly competent woman-of-action with large breasts, no sexual inhibitions, and more skills/degrees than you can shake a blaster at.
* Futuristic societies where only the ultra-rich can afford quality health care, and everyone else is reduced to selling their bodily organs.
* An alien tongue is translated into perfect English, except for gratuitious use of alien units of time and distance.
* Disembodied live brains living in tanks.
* Sentient AIs that communicate with other sentient AIs via their voice synthesizer.
* Androids with intelligence equal to an IQ of around 1000 who can't seem to figure out human emotions, humor, or verbal contractions.
* Whiz kids.
* The former Great Man of Action who is now just a washed-up drunk. [Although really, that's a cliche in a lot of fiction.]
* Ths ship's computer is programmed to track the location of each and every person aboard, but is never programmed to report personnel in unauthorized areas, or those who suddenly disappear.
* A teenage genius discovers an entire new field of science, and builds practical devices that use it, in his bedroom.
* The greedy businessman refuses to recognize that his dangerous product/service will screw him over long before he can hope to make a profit.
* A technologically advanced race conquers a technologically inferior race, and puts them to work doing things that the conqueror's machines can do far more efficiently.
* The human abdomen is an ideal incubator for Alien Eggs/Spawn, and this has no apparent effect on the host until the Alien Spawn erupts from their stomach in a messy fashion.
* The death of the Bad Guy involves a long fall.
* At some point the protagonists must enter a hostile region called The Forbidden Zone.
* When an ordinary crewmember transforms into the Enlightened Being of Cosmic Power, he departs the scene instead of staying around to help out his still-human buddies.
* Super-intelligent computers get confused when the hero says to them "everything I say is a lie" or some other paradoxical statement.
* Computer terminals display the current operation (e.g., "UPLOADING VIRUS") in huge, flashing letters.
* After twenty years of crew members being tossed around like the balls in a bingo cage, the spacecraft still has no seatbelts.
* Computer security protocols are overridden merely by saying "override" to the computer. [That's a huge pet peeve of mda's.]

And many more that I don't have time to copy.
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I've cut major sections of the novel, while retaining some things that I like, and have started to rewrite the sections to hook the old stuff to new stuff. I have more to do on this vein.

At this point, I'm back down to 18,866 words (from 32k), but with teh stuff I've saved, I'm at over 22k. Which, if I put in the transitions between these sections (and add the news stuff), keeps me right on track for word counts.

Oh, and the budgie again doesn't have a name, although the suggestion for his name will come up again, just from someone else; and he'll have the same name as before (Sope).

It's daunting, and I told mda that if I were at 32k a week from now, I would have kept going, but at this point, I can make a huge change like this and should still "win".

Ok, nano

Nov. 12th, 2007 09:08 pm
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I can't guarantee this will be a good novel to those who've expressed interest in reading it.

I'm lost. Maybe I should go back and tighten up the plot. I still haven't figured out why the MC is doing what she's doing, or what any of this means.

I'm still ahead and wrote 1700 words today, so that's good. But I'm slipping down.

Maybe tomorrow I'll just work on plot, no writing. I'd rather scramble for a story I believe in, than just keep walkign in circles to make sure I get word counts.

over and out.

Current word count: 32617

Nano widget

Nov. 9th, 2007 09:56 pm
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wordcount widgets


Ok: must go. Just introduced a geek.
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Thanks to [ profile] brianlee's suggestion this morning, I've transported the MC to another satellite (a "lite") from a space portal unexpectedly appearing, and we're getting to hear about the great plan to battle the evil empire.

Or. something. Hopefully soon.

While sitting in a hypostyle. Ooooh: ancient Egyptian architecture in the sci-fi age. I think I saw that in The Fifth Element. Still: adds some class. And another room they walk through is an atrium, which is always good in a pinch (Dune fan that I am).

Prostitution has made an appearance, but not space prostitution. I think I have to kill off the 2ndary character first and lead the MC into a sea of confusion and morass before that were to occur.

And still, no talking animals.

But there are space portals! "The Loge".

No. Not "The Larch".

"The Loge."

Nano - oiy

Nov. 8th, 2007 08:08 am
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Oh, crap: I've gotten myself into a pickle. Well, not a huge pickle, but I've got to get my (now) 2 characters & a cat on the road from 1 place of hiding to the city. My prob is that I wanna be reasonable in getting them there but it's taking FOREVER. It's really hard to move 3 beings around.

Oiy, I'm boring myself at this point and I KNOW that's not good, but I don't know what to do at this moment. It's 8 a.m., so it's not like I can just plunge in & write for an hour.

I think what I need to do is kill off the 2ndary character. She's served her purpose - getting the MC out, talking to her a little bit. She comes from a satellite of another planet, and she used to be rich, so I'm thinking maybe that will lead the MC to go to that lite.

Of course, that could explain why the 2ndary character had a relationship w/someone that pulls her into this part of the story, anyway. There's a place they're looking for and they don't know how to find it.

And, once again, there isn't enough sci-fi in this sci-fi story. Let's see what's happened lately: gee. They crawled through an underground tunnel. Not a space underground tunnel. They hid out in a crypt for a couple of days. Not a space underground crypt. The MC dyed her hair using blood and pee. Not space blood & pee.

Srsly: I need some spaceships and stuff, and SOON. I'll think about that today. But, crap! They're going to a huge frickin' city and looking for something, like how do they FIND it if they don't talk to people, which means shitloads of dialog that I don't feel like writing?! I just want them to find it! FUCK. Ok. I'll figure this out. I've still way ahead of the word count so I've got some time to figure it out.
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I'm about to get ready for work. mda is STILL sleeping on the couch behind me (mda's ability to sleep on the couch is quite incredible; as is the INability of anyone to wake him up while he's going to sleep--unless I wanted to poke him continuously, I just leave him). Still, I would have thought the coffee making would have woken him up.

Anyway, I got some writing done on the nano-novel. Only about 600 words, but what do I expect? Do the entire quota for the day in an hour? Anyway, I'm glad I devoted some work to it.

LATER: I did wake him a little, although he's still on the couch.

Yay! (nano)

Nov. 5th, 2007 08:39 pm
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The nanowrimo site had a total breakdown the other night, which prevented me from seeing it at all, and finally they totally went down. But since they've come back up, it's not incredibly painful to see any gorram thing, or--gor forbid--update my word count.

I wimped out just now by using a few of the verses from "The Book of Isaiah, Chapter 40", but in my defense it was completely justified. And it allowed me to link rather tangentially to Wright: I used part of the verse that is in the HIllside school that he designed for his aunts.

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." Hey--a monk was murdered. We should have some bible verses. And aside from Psalm 40 or the "Our Father", nothing else jumped into my head. Sure I could do Whitman, but the Whitman verse at Hillside isn't good enough when someone dies.

Ooh! Word count: 17513. With 299 coming from the Isaiah verse. So I didn't totally suck off the bible bottle so far today.

And, OH! I named the budgie (the feline creature) quite accidentally but, then, in total homage to, Chez Staples: the budgie is named Soap.


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