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I put up the photo of the character of Codex being freaked out at Christmas.

Here are some Christmas links:

The Swedish Chef, Animal, & Beaker doing the Christmas song:

A piece from Poland with an old man learning English. At has a Christmas tie-in that, aww, gets you verklempt:

And Wes Anderson's short film, "Come Together". It's got a tie-in to H&M stores, but who cares?
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All the little things in Pixar movies that are heralding things from other movies:
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I love it when Tate Donovan knocks down the woman at the end.
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I just finished watching the trilogy (one per night, with last night "off"). I hadn't seen it since watching it in the movie theater, so that was nice. I liked it as much as my previous impression so it's good to know that it stands up after a decade or so. And, while I've read things where people felt it made Aragorn (Viggo Morgenson) too important, while playing down the Hobbits, I still think they added up ok.

I still don't like how they portrayed Gimli, the dwarf, though. It's the "playing the character for laughs." In a way it's nice to see some laughs in the movie, but he really is not like that in the books. Oh, and really noticed Aragorn's hair this time around. For 3, 3+ hour movies, I kept thinking he needed a shower - his hair looks so greasy!

But the faces of Legolas & Arwan (Liv Tyler) are smooth like glass. It's quite mesmerizing.

Anyway, so I'm glad I did that & hope to see something interesting soon.
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Episodes 1 to 3 in just about 2 hours (Jar Jar says about 5 words & Annakin doesn't appear as a kid & isn't generally as annoying):
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"You're gonna need a bigger boat," etc.

I'm sure we've all seen these (& more) before, but it's always nice to come across it.

Star Wacky

Nov. 29th, 2014 05:24 pm
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This just makes me laugh:

It's a shot-for-shot dissection of the new Star Wars Teaser with a geekiness that's like the geeks that Anthony Michael Hall is hanging out with in the movie, 16 Candles.
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Toddler being out in the rain:
I decree that this video might just be the best idea for a person on a bummer day.

(way to tell your friends' children are growing up: the parents actually have time to post links to things on YouTube, and sometimes of children).
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I don't have kids so I wasn't subjected to this until a month & a half ago & can't get it out of my head (but I do love Olaf):
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While visiting my sisters & niece & nephew, I watched the movie, Frozen (I've got a 12 yo niece - she's not stereotypical, but what you gonna do?). Anyway, when I told E I was going in to watch it, she mentioned "Olaf", & how much she liked him, and I didn't know what she meant.

Olaf is the movie's cute funny friend. He is really a fun character. Here's "his" song when he first appears, and you can see he's a goof:

"All Olaf Moments":
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I've not gone out looking for anything lately, although I do occasionally think that I should go & binge on Cary Grant movies (as well as Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers). Anyway, this article brings up ideas, but no solutions, and has an interesting breakdown of the history of Romantic Comedies that might be worthy to have in the future:
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Oh my god: it's like the entire movie in less than 7 minutes & and set to "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds:
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I hadn't seen the Cadillac ad, but this has gotten some notice, and is fun to watch:

Here's Slate with the same links to the two ads, and a discussion regarding them. Ford did something damn smart to make the ad very well known, that's for sure:


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