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I don’t know what genius came up with the idea of putting inspirational fitness slogans about “never quitting” over people who have consumed waaaaaaaaaaaay too much alcohol, but I do appreciate it!
I tagged this under mda because, my goodness, how could I not? There's not a lot of funny stuff that goes along with rampant alcoholism, so what the hell.
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Nero Wolfe: "The Impolite Corpse"
A woman calls him because a murder will happen (this happens often, actually).

A boss, Mr. Channing, is putting out a memo that all employees must take their one-hour lunch breaks. C-razy.

Oh, but he's also eliminating optional shoe shines. That's just stingy.... Of course, Mr. Channing actually sounds like a bit of a douche who gets murdered.

Aw - but Nero Wolfe has actually walked out of the house (away from his orchids) because he's been told his assistant (Archie) is in danger. Awww.

Oh, and it's an "Impolite Corpse" because the man who was murdered was sitting down - didn't stand up to greet his murderer.
Whistler: "Hired Alibi"
Paul brings home Joe (a hitchhiker who's wanted by the cops for murder), in order, it turns out, to frame Joe for embezzling (I think).

Ok, the guy lets the man stay at his house with his daughter.

And Paul is pacing around and freaking a bit, and sounds like a guy in love with another one. Hopefully, Paul will get his just deserts.... Yup - it's because he let a guy live in the house w/his hotty teenaged daughter. Dumbass.
Ok - weird: the Old Time Radio program ended & for a split-second I imagined telling mda that I was going to go up to bed. The old chemicals in the brain that carry sense memories and things you're used to doing must have just gotten picked up & started moving/doing their thing before I remembered where/when I was. Like when you put your keys away, but you do it so often and so automatically, that you can't even remember doing it later. Well, I didn't cry out in pain and that's a very good thing.
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I Love Adventure: "The $100 Million Manhunt"
The guy just started punching people when told that he didn't have to pay for drinks, on order from the owner.

This confuses me. I'd think free drinks would mean that you were liked.

Obviously, I should have been paying attention.

Oh, yay - maneating piranhas are making their appearance!
Escape: "The Man Who Could Work Miracles"
I remember this story - a story by H.G.Wells in which a man starts doing miracles without thinking, or meaning, to.
Suspense: "The Devil's Saint"
With Peter Lorre. A man goes to spend the night at the castle of a protective uncle (Peter Lorre); the man wants to marry Lorre's niece. Problem is the place that Peter Lorre wants the guy to sleep: the Tapestry Room, in which everyone dies if they sleep there.

Peter Lorre gets to play against type, which I always like to see him do. Well, he plays to type, but there's a twisted ending to the story [spoiler alert]: he's not the murderer. I think he must have enjoyed that.
Haunting Hour: "Occupation Murder"
An agent tells an actor that he'll get him into the papers by setting him up for murder - actually, murdering "himself" (a man with his name, who he doesn't really murder). And then the agent would clear him on the stands. This doesn't happen and the agent almost gets away with killing this other person. 'Cept that he starts to talk drunkenly to a woman named Valentine at a bar one night, who happens to visit the actor a week before he's supposed to be executed and just happens to drop that, oh yah, the agent knows the guy on death row didn't kill the man he was supposed to have.

"Your agent *did* say that he could get you in the news, even if you didn't kill him," Valentine says.

"Can you come with me to the district attorney's office?" The guy in jail asks Valentine in desperation.

"Why, yes... but why would you want me to do that?"

Valentine's an idiot. Still, she gets the guy at the end. Oh - not the murderer. The actor.

And, as an interesting note, listening to the agent when he was very, very drunk and slurring all his lines, was disturbingly familiar. I almost turned off the radio. bleh. I really don't want to be near a really, really drunk person for quite a while.
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All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.
-Anatole France, novelist, essayist, Nobel laureate (1844-1924)


May. 6th, 2011 08:31 pm
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A couple of readers on the LJ have asked for my new snail mail address to send me things!

It helps a lot - I'm plugging along. Just finished putting together a "4-tiered foldable bookshelf." I'm not interested in the foldable part. I guess if you are moving, you can loosen some of the screws and the shelves fold down. Why you would want to do all that work when just moving it would be easier, I don't know. I got it because it looks cool, has 3 shelves for books, and is large enough on the top to hold my toaster, my knife caddy, and an arriving gift from [ profile] low_delta & [ profile] cynnerth - a coffee grinder & French press - yessssss....

Thanks to you all.
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He found a dead, yellow, beetle and it turns out that it's a Goldsmith Beetle. It's the beetle that is believed to have inspired Poe's "The Gold Bug" (the first Poe story I think I ever read).

He put the beetle body in a place outside, under some cover. It's really cool looking.
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We now have 3 out of the 4 items for mda's Halloween costume at our house. I'm suuper happy about all this b/c it's driving him nuts, which he's admitted to me. Personally, I didn't think it would be that much of an issue, but his consternation is so amusing that I'm taking great joy in it.

So, one more thing to come. I've decided that once that 4th thing comes in, I will sit him down, make him close his eyes, and I'll open all of them, lay them out, so he'll see it all at once.

Now I just have to get an outfit. And dye my hair, I think.
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2 of the 4 things that I've ordered arrived at our house today, and it's driving mda crazy that he can't figure out what I've got him. This is lots and lots of fun.


Oct. 13th, 2008 10:35 pm
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All of the items that I ordered for mda for a Halloween costume are on the way. Heee!
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Mda had read up on HD-radio, and had thought that, like television, that analog radio was going off the air on Feb. 19 and that no one was really informed about this like we've been informed about television going digital (this was part of the reason why he bought us an hd-radio, although I still like the analog better unless we're listening to Air America).

I've been trying to figure out how not having analog radio would impact us: what we would do at night, when we like to listen to radio while going to sleep, and what I would do about listening to the radio in the car. mda was freaked about what all of this would mean for npr and people who don't have a lot of money (if you can't afford to buy an hd-radio, would you be cutting yourself off from the local news that you need, and would radio just turn into Sirius satellite commercial radio?).

I asked him yesterday if this was really happening, so he did more follow-up research/reading and it turns out he was wrong.
*A:* Presently the FCC requires that the analog AM and FM signals remain in operation. Some industry observers believe it could be 10 years or more before stations seek authorization to switch to digital-only transmission.

So there WILL be a significant "overlap" period of both Analog and Digital signals, and only the TELEVISION stations will go exclusively Digital on 2/17/09.

"By now nearly everyone has heard something about the digital TV transition set to take place on Feb. 17, 2009. That's the day when all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will cease broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting solely in digital." (, WISC-tv)

Sorry I was a panic-meister about the radio thing. I'm just happy to have been wrong. I had a frightening vision of the future where less than 30 days after the new President is sworn in, all radios go dark. Who knows what (say) Blackwater would do in such a situation if there was a pres they didn't like.
That's a relief, although I did mention this to people I work with, and now I look kind of stupid. I hate it when that happens.
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2 Pxians1 just came to the door (they weren't Jehovah's Witnesses - no Watchtower), and talked to me very nicely about creationism, etc., even though I told them politely that
1.) I believe in evolution (3x)
2.) that I don't believe in the stories of the Bible (2x), and
3.) that I didn't want to waste their time (2x)

The 2nd time I said, "I really don't want to waste your time," they finally went away.

So glad he didn't have to talk to them. They were nice, but it would make mda want to rip all his hair out. Either that, or he would pull out his copy of Richard Dawkins' book (or Darwin) and start schooling their shit.

1"Pxians" is my abbreviation of "Christian", taken from a combination of the Greek letters X (chi) & P (rho), which form the beginning of the word Christ (although I suppose then that I should write Xpians, but in handwriting, you write "P" first, w/the "X" over it; hence the reason why I type P first, then X--plus Xpians looks like some kingdom in the Narnia series).

The "Chi-ro" was used in writing & sculpture to stand for "Christ", apparently from the Emperor Constantine's time, once Christianity became the official Roman religion.

I picked up this abbreviation in Catholic school (all those religion classes means that you write the word "Christ" a LOT while taking notes - yes, we had textbooks, homework & tests in religion class), but I have learned that not everyone on lj has encountered this before. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to put a link to the explanation in one of my posts (I'm sure I'll forget, but whatever).
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The new monitor came in, and mda put it into place today while I was at work. I had to call him (at his work place) to profess lots of thanks. It's HUGE. Its width/height is around the same as my old monitor, but the screen is larger. He also hooked up my new speakers, which are wicked cool & black. He's asked me to check them out. I'm just trying to close my eyes a little since this screen is just so huge.

Oh, and I have to get used to the fact that it's not all wiggly at the top anymore. Haven't managed it yet, but I've only been staring at this for about 20 minutes. mda said he felt so bad for me when he started up my web browser after putting in this new monitor: I had set the variable minimization height on the window to something lower so it wouldn't be all squiggly at the top, and I could read things at the very top when I needed to.

Wow - it's wicked cool.
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Today, mda: ordered a new monitor for me; ordered a set of speakers; and installed a new anti-virus program.

The new monitor is my b-day present. I had waved off the monitor ("Oh, I'm fine, I don't really need it"), but then the pictures on my monitor have started to get wavy at the top. To the point where I have to minimize the browser windows so I can find the "X" button in order to close the window. It's so wavy that I sometimes click the wrong thing.

The new speakers are because I happened to mention the other day that the "headphones" option doesn't seem to work anymore on the speakers. I was fine with having to hit the top of one of them to get the sound out, but I am not so pleased with this new wrinkle: the speakers will put out sound, but won't switch over to headphones, no matter how much I hit.

And the new anti-virus program is b/c mda has gotten frustrated by the bloat-ness of Norton. He used to love Norton, but he's slowly developed a problem with it (for more info, I'd have to ask him). And I'm happier knowing I can open a word processing document and not have it take 2 minutes.

I'm v. happy about his attentiveness in this matter. I wish my monitor didn't start to croak, because I'm just fine with it. But the waviness will totally screw the whole thing eventually.
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mda's birthday was yesterday (our birthdays are exactly a month apart). I made him some pumpkin pie on Tuesday night (that is his favorite treat on his birthday), we opened presents, and met up with wi_c, jujupees, and their 2 girls at The Shed (bar, pizza, burger place). It was very very nice, and they got to stay for a long time (a couple of hours). And mda & I actually had a GOOD conversation before anyone was around. Not that we don't talk, it's just, usually not at The Shed when it's just the 2 of us, for some reason. It's the big tv, or the noise, or that, really, when you know everything about the other person's life, do you really need to mention anything? But, no, we had a really good conversation (before and after we saw wi_c & jujupees).
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Went to Mackinaw City (Michigan) last weekend, and did the bridge walk on September 3. It's something that Mary Lee & her husband (mda's dad) used to like to do. Here's a picture of what the walk looks like:

Mackinac Bridge stuff )
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I bought her CD because I'd heard her song, "Breathe". You can hear the whole thing at her website: If I'd known that, maybe I wouldn't have bought the CD.

I heard the song on the radio last summer driving out to pick up my friend, SB, from Milwaukee, and I really loved it, but I couldn't remember enough of the title to pick it up. You put "Breathe" into Google, wtf are you going to find? But last week I was at the damned local pharmacy, of all places, and heard the song again, and wrote down "Breathe, just breathe", so I knew what to look for, even if I didn't get the name of the artist.

Love the stuff, but I've got to say: this is a CD for women in their twenties. Intense, upset, angry (but beautiful) stuff. Makes me all intense listening to it. Which I've done obsessively since the CD arrived in my post office box. I'm guessing that this is ok--her music should be for obsessive listening. Just of women a little younger than me. I'm glad I bought the CD, I have just realized I can't be in an angry mood when I buy it--not that the music itself is angry, just the words can inspire such a thing I suppose.

And, as the music is so appropriate, and the time of year is appropriate, I keep remembering as she sings, "Breathe, just breathe," that this is what I was telling mda last year as we drove out to his father's funeral/post-death extravaganza. mda was freakin', I knew, and he started the driving. I told him I'd take over, and I did. Then I told him just to breathe because he was rubbing his chest and in a near catatonic state. i don't know if that helped, but I didn't know what else to do. It might have helped; although I think my taking over the driving did more. I did go through Chicago, after all (the major problem when going west). Until we got into MI and my brain broke down about 6 hours into driving and I asked him to take over, b/c I couldn't remember how to get the car back into 1st while we were trying to get gas. We got food soon afterwards.

Edit, 2008: And after we got through our stupidness of Chicago, I remember thinking of talking about our stupid drive in Metro-Chicago. Of how he would have talked about it, and had that experience with us, and us with him. And I realized on that drive that we could never relate this experience to him.

That was such a sad, intense experience. When I think of it, it still brings tears to my eyes. I still wonder when John was asking for his son--that last day? Or the days leading up to his death? They kept telling him, "he's coming, he's coming." And we weren't there. Can't help that, of course, but it touches me so much that John, in his last days, last hours, wanted his son there (and, awww, he got the time to tell his wife that she was the love of his life).

Then we got back home and I talked to my parents, and my mom, and I apologized to her that I will never have the ability to be there in even 6-8 hours when she's dying. I just can't do it--I can't become something I'm not, I can't move to a place that I would hate to live (the East Coast). I got all weepy, and what's a mom to do? She told me it was ok and that she understood. Then we talked about my niece.

Who, if all works out, I will get to spend time with in August (and my nephew). Where? The Shore. Or, more properly, "Tha Showahr" (the Jersey shore, a' course--we're goin "down the showahr").
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I got mda to agree to going to Michigan on March 21 and coming back March 27. We drive to his parents' house, then March 22 will be the 1-year anniversary of his dad's death. This is really important to me. I don't know how important it is to him--well, of course it's important, but he talked to his mom about it, and there are things going on at his job, too. One of the proprietors is going through chemo, and he's been there to fill in, especially when R is feeling crappy, but I *think* they would understand if he took off to go to MI (that's sarcasm on my part). And, damn, they can get along for a week. Might be good for them. And, really, *I* want to be there for his mom. Even though we'll have to sleep in the separate rooms, and blah blah blah--like go to a Roman Catholic church ceremony. I would go on the 22nd, but definitely not on Sunday. Hopefully, rockin' Father Phong will be there, b/c he was just too cool.

I could say, "I can't believe it's been a year," but really, it has felt like a year. Maybe because he died the day after spring started, and we're in winter right now. I see mda's mom going through what she has, and I wonder how she has adjusted to "being a widow". I don't know. Her life changed so much, so quickly. Aside from the fact that she was married in 1966 and was a good wife, totally devoted to the idea, the last 7 years of her husband's life were dealing with cancer and all sorts of things, and the last 8-9 months of his life were dealing with dialysis. Every 4 hours of changing bags over. Then he died after all this build up and... then what? Her taxes were even done, man! (oh, that John!).

I will see what I observe, as much as I can, but I know that she's trying to find her purpose right now. She was a wife, mother, and teacher (in that order) and now she's retired, her kids are grown, and she is widowed. Last time mda talked about this, he mentioned that his mom is actually thinking about volunteering, and I think she has a great personality for it. We'll see what's up.

We are old

Feb. 5th, 2007 08:51 pm
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We are old, old, old.

I'm not comparing myself to an 87 yo, but I'm not a kid. I'm not a Gen Y (or the thing after that). Damn: kids in Gen Y are starting to get annoyed by me (why do I bitch so much!? stfu! Nirvana isn't the best thing since sliced bread! Three's Company sucked, sucks, GET OVER IT! Stop talking about it! And while I'm at it: stop whining about the Boomers!). Ooh, damn--I could write a whole essay on that. Oh, yeah.

Anyway, that wasn't the point. The point was is the realization that we're old; this was clear, once again, when mda noted that he has problems finding stuff on Youtube.

And I told him, "Honey, we're not old old, but we're not kids." Damn, we're out of most people's prime demographic (we're 34-49 AND WE DON'T HAVE CHILDREN!!!--what the hell are we in the market to buy in the next, well, forever?). I told him this fact, and that, yes, he's turning 40 in March (which he informed me that he knows, but sometimes, I wonder how much... just like if someone says to me, "You know you're going to die, right?" And I'll say, "yeah, yeah, yeah, of course I know." But I don't really know. I just know I should know. Because, yeah, if I really think about it, I become parallized with fear).

Anyway, that's not here or there. Or not the point, which is what I wrote 2 paragraphs above.

But here are a few things I thought about this "getting old" thing: there's an ad in my hotmail account regarding some messenger service (I'd say that's Microsoft), and there's a picture of a cute girl, and then a picture of a cute guy. Here's the thing: the girl looks like she's 10. I'm looking at this when the ad first comes in, and I'm wondering why a 10 yo girl is shown talking to a 17 yo boy.

Took me about a day to realize that she's probably supposed to be 16. Or something.

I know that some late-teens men & women look that young to me--12, 13 years old. But it's funny to see it backed up once again.

And, oh yeah, the fact that I have had 2 major points of pain from simply working out in the past 6 months (1 of these things made me go to the doctor; another one made me end up in the ER). I didn't go nuts to get this way. I think that means I'm getting old.

And I get so pissed because I never had moments of non-pain in my life! I've had to wear orthodics since I was 16! All of this is doing something good for my soul, or I hope so.

I'm at the point of boring cynicism; in part because I'm beyond totally-open-eyed optimism. Then I realize: I never had totally-open-eyed optmism.

Ok, there was that point between the ages of 18-20, but it was shortlived, and probably because I was in love, anyway. In love, a couple of times.

And here's the other thing I realize: I have never been the perfect girl! THe babe, the ones on the magazine. I know: I, like many other 14 yo's, bought 17 Magazine. In which I was told that NO, I didn't have to look at the girls in the ads; that I could be my own person (but, yeah, I still wasn't a hotty).

Does this mean that, no matter my demographic, I will never be anyone's idea of a hottie? But I have based my whole, "not dyeing my hair" thing on those ads of gorgeous women in their 40s who have all gray hair and... well it looks like they don't wear make-up. So, doesn't that mean I'll be totally hot at some point?

Oh, yes, of course, there is a certain group of men that think I'm hot, because, well, in the first case, I'm naturally beautiful, but also, I have this passion and intensity. But, you know, soon they will be all hot for an older woman who "knows what she wants" and, shit, I have no idea what I want. So I'll miss out once again.

maybe I should wear make-up. ha! THat's the end result of this whole thing: that I think that maybe, just maybe, I will never be a hottie in any genre. That I will continue to just be me, and that may be hot to some people.

If they can come along for the ride while I mumble and talk about really obscure things.
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I think this could totally work: Extreme Weddings.

mda met yesterday w/Kevin & Allison. K&A are part of that pseudo-Wiccan group that we see in the big city pretty much every solstice and equinox (or around there--next equinox party is Oct. 8--go figure). Anyway, he met w/them at his cabin in order to have some alone time w/them, b/c he's going to be their officient. They're getting married at the edge of a path in a state park about an hour from here. mda mentioned that there are big rock faces creating this secluded cavern like feeling (it ends in a little waterfall). We were trying to figure out how the bride & groom, and their families, will arrive at the destination, since there's only 1 way in. mda suggested to me that they should rapell down the rock faces, which led to some speculation on how Allison's mom would feel about that.

That's how we came up with the idea for the reality tv show, Extreme Weddings. Each week, a different wedding in extreme situations. So far, we've come up with weddings while surfing in Hawaii, parachuting, being on top of a volcano, walking a tightrope between two high rises, scuba diving, on top of Mt. Everest, and something in the Amazon.

mda would be the officient for all of them. We imagined some of the problems he might encounter. Being bitten by a sea turtle in the surfing wedding, having the soles of his shoes melt on top of the volcano, and "I just don't like the Amazon, ok. I don't like it." He'd have to stop smoking if he's going to perform a wedding on the top of Mt. Everest. The public would love him, and he'd get to go on David Letterman.
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This one featured mda.

He was the star of a Quentin Tarrantino movie. It was REALLY cool. Ok, I thought aobut it later when I woke up and I realized that 1 of the things he did was physically impossible, but other than that, he was the discovered everyman.

He goes running from the mob w/his gf from CA after finding out about this huge mob hit. She has to pop somebody w/a gun. Then they get separated and that's when I come into the story (in a real movie, she would have gotten killed, but anyway...). I'm the girl who doesn't know the lead character at all and finds them in these really strange and possibly dangerous situations but trusts them and risks their lives for them? You know that character?

Anyway, there was something about a party in a house, and that's where mda's character meets up again w/his gf from CA, and I get all bummed and go outside.

Anyway, it was a lot cooler than it sounds. I think it's the Tarrantino thing (although I've only ever seen Kill Bill).

oh, yeah, and mda does some totally monkey-boy kind of things. His performance would be sure to get some major notice from other directors. Too bad it was just a dream.


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