Feb. 26th, 2016 09:26 am
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coconuthead reminded me: we're in Lenten season, so might as well show the "YMCA" icon.
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I love the icon of Codex getting scared at Christmas

But it's time to put it back in the Christmas box. I decided that I would switch back to the picture of confetti dropping on her.

That's kind of New Yearsy.
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Hello, Codex!

Sometimes I am tempted at other times of the year to put up the icon of Codex jumping in fright with the reindeer hat, but I have to have some standards.
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It's time for Codex at Christmas.

Codex from "The Guild 'Twas the Night before Christmas'":
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Codex (from the web series The Guild) during a tribute to "The Night Before Christmas".

The Guild was a fun series that I like without apology (well, there's nothing to apologize for except the geekiness).
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Yeah: it's m'day off (3-day weekend, baaaby).
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I really was working today, but took a slight detour between one version of a PowerPoint presentation, and another (shorter) version of the same presentation (I've at least managed to write everything we've done in 1 section of the house since 2002... in 2 pages, as requested--I'm very good with limitation).

I noticed months ago that the image program at work has the capacity to make animated .gifs, although I think one of the Open Office programs can make them also. I'd have to download all of that, though.
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I want to use this icon so badly. But I feel so bad about it at the same time.

At least it's not "Jesus is...."


Oct. 1st, 2006 12:36 pm
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Frau Blucher has to ask if he wants "SOME varm milk"
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This is a collection of things. Unfortunately, I don't have many funny photos of me, so I'd better get on that.


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