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This is for immemor:
The Boss had a bit of a goof-up last night (Feb. 23) at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio when he accidentally shouted out to Pittsburgh on stage.

"Party noises Pittsburgh," he exclaimed. "And Cleveland, too!"" target
Reminds me of when, during the 2008 election cycle, John McCain went on stage in Pittburgh & congratulated them for their World Series win, when the Phillies had won. You don't congratulate people from the western side of PA for good news for the eastern side of PA (since their ball teams have rivalries). And folks from Cleveland the folks from Pittsburgh (& the feeling's mutual I guess).

Pittsburgh has got some cool architecture & is making its name as a green city, but people on either side don't seem to like them.
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Thinking good thoughts for you, B, and the upcoming baby F. Hope you're doing well this evening. I wish you a good, pain-free back, and hope to see you soon!
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Damn, I hope you're fabulous!

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Central Kansas faces flood danger
Associated Press

HUTCHINSON — Flooding was expected across most of central and part of south-central Kansas as some rivers and creeks continued to rise, authorities said Friday.

The most serious flooding was expected to be in Halstead, along the Arkansas River in Harvey County, a National Weather Service statement said.

Reno County authorities advised residents in 20 to 30 homes along Cow Creek west of Hutchinson to be ready to evacuate if necessary. But Reno County Emergency Management Director Bill Guy was cautiously optimistic that evacuations would not become mandatory.
I don't know how far away she is from waterways, but hopefully just her basement is flooding.

Then again, if Mineral Point floods, I'm not too worried. Even if the WI River does, it has to be pretty damned bad to get to our house. So, I hope it's good.
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A short update that apparently took me a long time to finish, b/c I started this last night.

grilling )
a short mention of chimney swifts )
tours )
And then finally, and of course, the visit by the glorious [ profile] kalimama. It was so much fun, and she was so great.

more on kalimama )

Oh, and I want to say that the necklace that kalimama gave me is fantastic. I'm not a jewelry person most of the time (although I do wear it), but I've worn it 3 times and so far it looks great w/everything.
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Happiness is being well-off with poor friends
By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
(Filed: 15/08/2005)

Money can indeed buy you happiness, but if you want to stay happy it is a good idea to have relatively poor friends, according to new research.

Prof Glenn Firebaugh, a sociologist of Pennsylvania State University and graduate student Laura Tach of Harvard University studied a representative sample of nearly 20,000 Americans from 1972 to 2002.

They found that in working out how rich they are, people tend to compare themselves to their peers of the same age. Their happiness, therefore, depends on the relative success of that group. This meant "keeping up with the Joneses" and the need to continually increase one's own income.

One alternative strategy would be to "hang out" with poor people, according to the findings.

I think, actually, that among all (or most) of my friends, we probably engage in a round-robin style trading of happiness vs. poverty. It all works out in the end.

I feel like I have a purpose in life!
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I cannot do justice to last evening/early morning, but I will start by saying that I cannot fathom how I would ever end up having 6-8 people slam dancing in my living room at 2am. Especially when the party was a surprise.

Fri we get a call from wi_c's & jujupees' housemate, B, regarding a surprise b-day party for the two of them that was to take place at their house; 3 weeks late for her, 3 months late for him. We walked into their house w/cake, food, and beer, saying surprise, rather than having them come home to a party. They handled the distruption well, i.e., 10 people walking in with intent of having a party that began to get rather surreal after awhile. I think it was the face masks and coffee tequila. Yeah, must have been the tequila. C, who organized all of this, and bought the food and pinata, was a dangerous instigator at points. I believe she began the face mask wearing. I now know what I would look like as a geek superhero, in other words. Everyone seem to really like it. It was the combination of the face mask, my prescription glasses, and 3-D glasses on top of that. mda, for reasons that he could not explain, was sort of freaked out by the mask wearing, no matter who it was. This from the comic book fan. Suppose it's different in real life. Oh, and C has the pictures.

The pinata was adult-themed, which is how D&M's 4.5 year old boy ended up wearing a studded dog collar.

Senor Sausage brought the coffee tequila. I tried a sip, and it was very nice. Richer than any Kalhua.

Other notes:
I asked a woman to lick grape body paint off of my hand. This was after she licked it off of mda's forehead. It tasted like grape bubbleyum. I could still smell it on mda's forehead this morning. I was v. complimentary of her kissing style. Sorry, dear, your tongue is fine, but her tongue reminds me of a guy I dated in college. I still think back wistfully sometimes on that guy's tongue.

wi_c participated in his boyish ways by tackling a few people (this was before the moshing). Gender did not matter.

I seem to recall a lot of running from room to room, even after the kids went to sleep.

mda was nominated as porn photographer, and this was before he took a picture of a guy peeing off the front porch (we dared him to do it--pee off the porch, not take a picture). mda erased the photo, so only he saw it. I approve of the measure. I didn't agree w/the photo taking, b/c the guy was peeing at the instigation of about 6 women. I can imagine mda as a porn photographer pretty easily. "Now, guys.... aw, no! Uh, now how's that going to look on film!" and then hiding behind the camera. We don't have that much room in our bedroom, but I suppose there's always the backyard.

It was also during this period of time that I said I'd like it if mda & wi_c made out, but I wouldn't really like to see him make out w/any other guy there (no offense). It was just some "ooh--girl on girl" joking going on (and the first hand licking), so I had to make a about boy on boy reference. 'Specially w/mda & wi_c.

I still have to check my body for bruises after the moshing (initiated by C and jujupees). OH! and it was mostly to the Pixies, which made me think of [ profile] kalimama :)

So I was 1 tired pup this morning when I awoke, unprompted, at around 8:10. I am willing to bet that those in the household woke much earlier to the 2 kids. I was still tired enough after 11 while, at the FUS service, during the meditation portion, I kept my eyes open b/c I was afraid I would start to doze.

And then I bought shellac. The end.
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I've worked a little on the essay. I had some really good stuff going in the beginning, and it faded all the sudden. I need to listen to people read very good short stories, I suppose, so that I can hear the voice in my head. But if I have to imagine a voice, does that mean I have one? In a writerly sense, of course.

I'm both ready and not ready to go back to work (the day after tomorrow).

What's weird is that I have the feeling right now like I've got too much adrenaline in me with nowhere to go. A burning all over my body feeling. Not really burning like I'm having a heart attack or anything really scary and bad, I just feel very sensitive. I feel very sensitive over a lot of things the last week or so. Maybe it's the time of the month. I know it partially has to do w/the time of the year. I'm jumpy. I'm feeling huge, I suppose, in that narcissistic way that I have. I'll explain. I went to WI-C & jujupees' place on Saturday and I felt like everyone could tell that I was a miserable mo-fo. We had freezing rain all day and so we were ensconced in their house while they played good hosts to us all. And I thought that I should leave at points so I didn't infect everyone w/my huge aura of whatever, but it was ok.

More about the party. Read, damn you! )
I was talking about this adrenaline feeling. Again, sorry, I'm wading from the interesting to the introspectively me. The feeling reminds me of when I used to "fight" w/the ex-fiance (12 years ago). He'd yell or insinuate, I'd ask him not to yell, he'd tell me he wasn't "yelling, Keiran, I don't know where you got that idea. I'm just talking." Then he'd go off on rags at me for sometimes a half an hour. But there's nothing to set this off, not particularly. But I used to sit on the bed stratching my arms from the burning sensation as he went off. It's sort of like that, but now that I think about it, it's not. That was hotter in feeling.

This just exists. You know when you, for no reason, a piece of your skin (always on my inner forearm) just feels really sensitive, like you'd accidentally scratched it. You look for a sign of something, that you scratched it in your sleep, but there's nothing, not even a little bit of red on the skin. That's what it kind of feels like.

Maybe I should see a doctor or something.

WI-C and Jaaladay were asking me about my life on Saturday and I had to tell them things aren't great. Maybe I got more specific w/them, but not much more. Just talking about life. They sort of understood.

What happens this time of year for me is that I get the sense that my life has no meaning. That nothing I do, or think I can do, makes a difference. Well, now, the Buddhists knew this long ago, and I realize in my way that this does all have to do with a latent narcissism, as I noted before. That something I do makes a difference. That my life will improve. That I will obtain any goals. That I will become who I can be and who I am meant to be--fucking huge. But it doesn't happen, and things stay the same, or worse, if I think about it, and I just get closer & closer to death. Of course death could be 50 years away, but it could be tomorrow. The hair is graying at a disturbing rate, people. That essay should be written, that book should be better. I'm more genius than I realize most time, so why aren't I doing more with it? Why do I realize the mouse more than the genius?
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Well, now that Xavier's been born (and so has Tom G's daughter).... I just found out yesterday that my friend MD, who none of you know (outside of real life friends), is pregnant, and it's killing me not to talk about it. Well, they have to wait almost 2 weeks for the next exam, and they think they'll tell people after that. This is her first pregnancy, they're both older, so there's a lot of fear.

I had an almost embarrassing reaction to the news, now that I think about it. I almost cried I was so happy, and I sort of intook my breath and said, "oh. OH." But this woman and I have talked a lot over the last 3 years about our feelings for wanting children. She and her partner have been trying, I think, for 5 years. I guess about a year & a half ago, they both went through tests and things, and it was discovered that he might have some medical condition.

It would cost $8,000 to operate, not covered by insurance b/c it's more or less elective surgery.

And it would only have a 30% success rate. If that was the problem, which they weren't sure of, anyway.

So, they were both freaked out. She more than he, I think. Since that time, she's struggled with acceptance that she might never have a child (and he doesn't want to adopt). And I think she's actually done pretty well. She did confess that she didn't know how she would feel about it when she reached 40, but....

And now she's pregnant. It's unreal. I'm so happy for them, just so unbelieveably happy. I think part of it is that I know what it feels like to hear that little voice inside sometimes say, "you will never have children," and, yeah, they're snotty and loud and screamy and then they grow up and leave you old, broken, and broke, but, they're children. Having them is built into our DNA. And I know what the biological clock is all about. And for them to get what they want after trying so hard. It's just great. I think, also, that I see myself in her and for her to get this is like a part of myself getting it. I'm not saying that I think like this is my child. Of course, I know that this is not my child. But to just know a person who you care about who wants something so much, something you know, that your hopes are linked, no matter how fragilly, to theirs. I had great hopes for them. I just wanted them to get what they've been trying for.

Well, I got that off my chest. Maybe I'll write an e-mail to a friend of mine on the East Coast so I can tell someone else who doesn't know them. No, really, I think I should just keep this private.


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