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In addition to melting vehicles, it creates such a wind tunnel effect that it almost knocks people over:

Hey - & people are all up on talking about FLLW & his buildings with only leaks.
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And they're all doing incredibly domestic things, illustrated in a style that's ultra-modernist:

I'm loving Hitchcock shaving in a Cobusier, Monroe reading in a design by (who else) van der Rohe, Cary Grant ironing in a Niemeyer house, etc.
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With video. They think about 70% survives, and you can see some places weren't touched:
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Not happy (although it's nice to see some interior views because I've only ever seen photographs).
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Linked from the Frankophile site:


I think Frank would have approved.
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MoMA 2013
Hardcover, 40 pages
Billed as "MoMA’s first storybook for kids ages three to eight," Young Frank, Architect tells the story of two architects name Frank, one young and one old. No, it's not a time-capsule portrayal of Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright (though they do make appearances in the book), but two generations of one family—a boy and his grandfather. Overall, a positive review, mostly because the daughter of the person reviewing the book really liked it - that's pretty nice praise!
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The first paragraph is the most pertinent:
The Conservancy learned recently that a new buyer for the A. D. German Warehouse (1916-1921) had stepped forward from among the residents of Richland Center, Wisconsin. The property was purchased from the estate of Harvey Glanzer and closed on August 15. The buyer wishes to remain anonymous and did not wish to disclose the amount of the sale. The new owner will be working with a group of Richland Center citizens and institutions who are organizing to develop plans for strategic and financial planning, fundraising, restoration, partnering on adaptive use and future operations. The Conservancy began an initiative in May 2012 to chart a path for a new owner and a new future for the Warehouse, bringing together a group of interested parties and local citizens. The current steering committee includes several individuals from this group.
And for that, this gets a "Happy Frank" icon.
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This is a deal. It was owned for years by a man who really didn't do anything with it. Then he died & the town didn't know what to do with it (I'm guessing his heirs were in there somewhere).

No wonder: it's a warehouse. No, really: a cold storage warehouse. But it's an historic site, so blowing open the walls so you can make the windows wider really kind of messes with the whole thing (who knows - maybe they'll end up doing that).
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Something to do if I ever get to LA and want to (can) spend $100:
The LA Frank Lloyd Wright Tour is a three hour driving tour of Los Angeles, featuring a comprehensive overview of Frank Lloyd Wright's California Architecture. This modern architecture tour examines Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House in Hollywood and the architect's concrete textile block houses of the 1920's in the Hollywood Hills, as well as a shopping center that Wright designed on Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive in the 1950's.
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The saga of the house designed by FLLW for his son in AZ, which was threatened with demolition starting this summer, appears to have reached a happy outcome.

From the FLLW Building Conservancy:
Christmas came a little early this year. Culminating six months of intensive work and many ups and downs, we can finally announce that this unique and important Wright house is safe! The Conservancy has facilitated the purchase of the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix through an LLC owned by an anonymous benefactor. The transaction closed on December 20 for an undisclosed price. The property will be transferred to an Arizona not-for-profit organization responsible for the restoration, maintenance and operation of the David Wright House.
Links related to the announcement continue on the page:
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Our beloved mother, Cornelia Brierly, age 99, passed away on a beautiful morning in Scottsdale, August 24, 2012. She was alert and engaged in life up to the very end. She was born in Mifflin County, PA on April 12, 1913. Cornelia grew up on a farm and always loved nature and the countryside. She studied at Cornell, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Tech where she was one of the first five women to study architecture before joining the Taliesin Fellowship in 1934. That winter the Fellowship came to AZ to build models for Frank Lloyd Wright's visionary idea of a decentralized city he called Broadacre City; she worked on the models and later traveled to Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. to help explain them to the public. Cornelia studied with Frank Lloyd Wright for 10 years, after which she was partner in private practice with then-husband Peter Berndtson. In 1956 she returned to the FLLW Foundation and worked both with Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Architects as architectural designer, interior decorator and landscape architect. As a teacher in The FLLW School of Architecture she inspired many generations of apprentices. She was a Trustee of the Foundation for many years, then Honorary Chairman. Some of her special talents were: zest for adventure, writing articles and her book, Tales of Taliesin, making beautiful yarn designs, painting, singing and being a consummate hostess. Awards received included: Interior Plantscape Association, a Philanthropy Leadership Award and The Wright Spirit Award. In 1999 she was honored in Pittsburgh for her work with Peter Berndtson. She is survived by daughters Anna Coor and Indira Berndtson, cousin Robert Brierly, and nephews Peter and Eric Drake. Her sister, Hulda Drake, pre-deceased her. A memorial service will be held at Taliesin West in late October. Contributions can be made to the Taliesin Entry Garden, c/o The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, P.O. Box 4430, Scottsdale, AZ 85261.
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In 2 Youtube videos.

Interview from 1956, recorded @ the Plaza Hotel in New York City by Ben Raeburn, Marianne Mantell and Barbara Holdridge. Released on LP in 1961 on Caedmon Records TC 1064.

Part I:

Part II:

Sometimes he gets a little out there. I had a hard time understanding what he was talking about with the cantilevers at Fallingwater, for instance. But he chuckles a few times, and I like that he's just allowed to go off on things.

/Appropriate icon!


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