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I have a very clear memory of one of us breaking a glass in the kitchen, dad picking up the bigger pieces you could see & saying, "Yah, that's good."

I think one of my older sisters when & got a broom to pick up the smaller pieces. "Learning by doing": learn the importance of sweeping up glass shards after you spill a glass & realize you don't want to get little pieces embedded in your foot.
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(singer, Robert Earl Keene, singing live with the video of the song playing).
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This has to do with the a piece after actress Ellen Page came out. Here's their correction:
This article was amended on 17 February 2014. The third paragraph originally said 'Some gay people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page's coming out speech is newsworthy'. This should have read 'Some people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page's coming out speech is newsworthy'.
My favorite of Stewart's tweets as a result of this:
Well, @guardian it makes for a nice least I didn't wake up to the internet telling me I was dead again.
— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) February 18, 2014
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For some reason this cartoon popped into my head this afternoon: the cartoon where Daffy is saying, "Mine, mine, mine!"
Here's the beginning:

here's the end:

I actually think it popped into my head because, with my father getting married tomorrow, it made me think about my family, and my middle sister used to love money when she was a kid, and loved to say Daffy's lines.
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I think yogis would make a huge hit if they combined a yoga session with a bacon breakfast at the end.

Anyway, I had yoga this morning, and bacon (and eggs) for dinner.

Yoga was focused on stretching, which is just perfect for me. And lots of Warrior I and Warrior II (those moves include standing with the legs sort of in a line, one in front of another - and always a challenge to me to stay upright).

Yoga is becoming a time for me to think about my mom, given that I did that the first time I went there after mom's death. That's really wonderful, even though it makes me sad.

I think of her for 2 reasons: the first time I thought of her during a session was when the instructor said that the breath represents life, and I thought how my mom had difficulty breathing the day that she died (as her life was getting ready to leave her, I guess).

The second reason I think of her is that mom did yoga for awhile. Amazing to me, b/c her knees were horrible. Not like my knees are horrible; mom had had these operations on her knees over 40 years ago that resulted in her unable to kneel because of the pain. Must have been a lot of modifications that she had to do. Anyway, she joked sometimes about the yoga teacher, and I can hear her chuckling about it all while I go through out.

Ok: bacon: I bought bacon a week and a half ago and finally got to cook some. Used the fat to cook eggs in. Yes, that might be really bad for me, but I didn't feel like cleaning it all out, and didn't have a place to put the grease; and I really, really wanted that yummy bacon fat.

I cooked them just a little too long, but that reminds me of mom, too. We used to love the sort of crispy, dark bacon when we were kids.
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In early December, my niece (who will be 8 in April) said to my sister, "Okay, what do we really know about Santa? He could be an insane maniac planning on hypnotizing little kids and taking over the world. We never see him, he can't be in 2 places at once, I'm not sure about this guy."
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The other day, while I was down the Shore (at the Jersey Shore), a friend of my parents was talking about those cultural moments, and asked mda & I about remembering certain movies. We answered some things, but we didn't compare those big cultural moments (the attempted assassination of Reagan; the Challenger explosion, etc.).

Anyway, the next day (yesterday), my mom & I are at a store where she was renewing rentals on some beach chairs. One of Nirvana's songs from the MTV Unplugged performance was playing. I said to my mom, "You know last night when Mr. Walsh was talking about cultural moments?.... You hear the guy singing this song right now? If you ask a huge number of people where they were when they heard he died, they'd know."

The guy ringing us up at the store said, right away, "I was in a car w/my mom on I-95."

I looked at him & my mom & said, "I was getting into bed."

Yup - wi-c really hit on something w/that question about 12 years ago when he asked if we remembered where we were when Kurt Cobain died (and everyone raised their hands). I wrote about this last April, but I'm just so tickled that a guy who was 5 when the Challenger blew up (in 1986) could connect to me. Hope he had an appreciation of the old lady (that would be me, not my mom).

OH: and I'm sure I will write about other things later; this just tickled me.
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But it totally has to do with me: when I was, like, 2, I "ran away from home". I have no memory of this, of course. Anyway, at some point, I decided to go through our backyard, across the parking lot of the church behind us, and to the sandbox/play area outside of the kindergarten, wearing only (apparently) a diaper and my father's shoes.

My mother couldn't, and I cannot - to this day - figure out how I did all of that walking in my father's shoes.*

Anyway, after my disappearance, my parents and all the neighbors searched for me for over an hour. The adults found me in the playground area. Apparently, I was there, crying, because my parents "won't let me go to school."

As an adult, first of all, the relief of finding your kid must have been overwhelming. Secondly, what I said was probably so cute that it, too, would have been overwhelming. Thirdly, I'm guessing (as an adult) that the parents thought, "Oh, we've got a little scholar here."

But, for myself, I think it all has to do with the fact that there was a sandbox.

*Although, now that I think of it, I remember the determination of my nephew to drag the little plastic truck behind him, filled with wet sand, across the beach. Thing must have weighed 15 lbs. It was heavy for me, anyway. And his focus was something I was totally impressed by. M was 2 1/2 at the time.

cat news

Feb. 3rd, 2009 12:51 pm
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The vet clinic sent me a condolence card! I understand why, I just wasn't expecting it.

But, more interestingly at the moment: last night, I let one of mda's cats into Gila's room. He was at the top of the stairs and just followed me in when I opened the door. He'd gone in a few days earlier when I'd left the door open, but I hadn't expected it, and didn't ahve the time to walk around with him. So, last night, I hung out with him while he walked around Gila's room and sniffed. He wasn't freaked (his tail wasn't puffy, he wasn't crouching, he didn't jump at every sound); just curious. That's quite a leap considering that there's been a cat in there who would (and did) attack Little Spot on several occasions, and would get into hissing fights from beyond that door.

Little Spot & I hung out, then I took him out of the room & closed the door again (I don't want to freak out the other cat). But that was a really good start. Made me sad, of course. If Gila hadn't gotten the, "must kill all male cats" ingrained in her brain from a young age, she could have had a much cushier life.
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My sister E watched her partner I, and me rocking out to Sinead O'Connor's Emperor's New Clothes.

"Yup. THere are 2 kids born in 1968, right in front of me." She said.

E was born in '65 and tended toward Led Zeppelin. Me and J, just 3 years younger, went toward new wave/alternative, so our musical tastes are quite similar.

Here's a link to the YouTube video of Emperor's New Clothes.

Aah, yes.
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I have to get presents for people, and I was going to go tonight this morning (to stay ahead of the snow) but I took a look at the radar, and that stuff is coming up quickly. It's supposed to start at 10 am, and Madtown is an hour away, so.... Tomorrow is supposed to be mostly sunny, so that's a better solution (I hope).

Still, I think my mind will just go blank, and I'll forget everything. I distinctly remember, around Dec. 3, thinking about how Christmas always seems to come too quickly, and now is no exception. In my own defense, my car was unavailable for periods of time this month.

I'm not a parent, but I know this time of year is waaaaay crazier for them, too. "Peace on earth" my ass.

Oh, and

Aug. 16th, 2008 11:23 am
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I did a temporary hair dye with a dark brown color that I think has left me sort of looking like "Elvis, the latter years". Way too dark. So I just took a shower & washed my hair 3 times in the attempt to wear this stuff down a little. Might repeat that later today. I realized upon dyeing that I took a color that reminds me of my pre-gray color, which was always dark brown. I wish there were a way to color my hair & still leave some of the gray, because this solid color looks unnatural to me. Of course, part of the thing is just me, and I'm willing to bet that most people won't really notice.

Still, from now on, I'll either stay with the reddish color I've done for years, or maybe I'll go for a lighter brown, since that will probably be closer to the gray/brown color going on now.

I did really like the silver streak I had going for awhile, but that's gone now.

This came up in part because my oldest sister again mentioned it several times when I saw her.

I understand that my oldest sister is freaking about it, and thinks it makes me look ancient; but she doesn't realize that I've been dealing with this since I first saw a gray hair when I was 23. I've had a lot of time to freak and think it's unfair. But she's like the majority of people who don't encounter their first grays until their 30s (except for a college roommate of mine, who had a noticeable amt of gray hair when she was 19; and was apparently completely gray by the time she was 30). So this is kind of new to her, and she doesn't realize why I seem mostly unconcerned most of the time.

I have to find a way to tell my sister in the future that, while I appreciate her concern, the main thing that this concern does is makes me feel bad about myself. Although, really, the hair dye I used yesterday was purchased about 3 months ago by me, so the desire to dye my hair again has been there for awhile.

Oh, and I got a hair cut, too, so I'm all brand new.


May. 15th, 2008 01:36 pm
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"Top California court backs gay marriage"

Dear World:
My sister & SIL are legit. KTHXBAI

I'm vaklempt.

Update: I told the women in question that I was happy for them, but I really can't convey how happy this makes me. How to explain to 2 gay women and all they've gone through, that the straight-vanilla sister is so happy about this news, that it makes her cry. I can, but I'm not them, and can't see how, I don't know, the "validation of your life as a damned human being" really feels.

But I wrote them about how this has totally made my week. W/all the screwed up stuff in the world (earthquakes, cyclones, stupid people in all levels of life), this is really good news.

Update 2: well, I heard from my sister, and she's bummed b/c the big news story happened on her day off. I told her to switch her days off - if big news happens on Friday, switch your days off to Sunday and Monday, instead of Friday and Saturday.

So, in other words, my sister is going over a rampant, personal, realization following this ruling. [smiley emoticon inferred in this instance. Smiley face!]
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Don't wait until the day before to order flowers, ya dimwad! [Actually, they took my money, of course, but then you get what they can give you.]
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Dr. Laura to Silda: It's all your fault!

Conservative radio host Laura Schlessinger has offered us a new theory on Silda Wall Spitzer: She drove her husband to cheat in the first place.

In the last week, she has been on "Hannity & Colmes," "Larry King Live" and the "Today" show, offering opinions like this:
"And when the wife does not focus in on the needs and the feelings, sexually, personally, to make him feel like a man, to make him feel like a success, to make him feel like her hero, he's very susceptible to the charm of some other woman making him feel what he needs. And these days, women don't spend a lot of time thinking about how they can give their men what they need ... I hold women accountable for tossing out perfectly good men by not treating them with the love and kindness and respect and attention they need."
On my part, TMI: my dad listens to this stuff. I'm wondering if he thinks the reason I ain't married, etc., to mda is b/c I don't "please" my man. My dad wouldn't go into thinking about what "pleasing" means (he's healthy enough to not even contemplate the obvious YUCK factor), but I can see him contemplating it. I suppose I'm overthinking the thing. On the other hand, my father does get some pretty odd ideas on how to "help" us when he's identified something. Eg, "I know a doctor who can help you" and "just admit you made a mistake," to my 2 gay sisters; and, to me, "I wish you'd get married and have kids, you know... the normal way," and "you're wasting your life & your master's degree was a waste of time and money."

Well, good thing is (for me): the man's been chastised enough that he won't voice these opinions anymore to us. For part of that, I feel bad that the man can't speak his mind, but then again, I've heard enough (see the last sentence of the paragraph above as an example).

On the last side of the coin, whatever: I have to wonder WHY I personally picked up on this. At least I have that much self-knowledge to know that I may be projecting something. Not what Dr. Laura said, but to internalize an unsaid argument w/my dad. Hmmmm.
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There's no new news about my mom, but, with Edwards withdrawing from the race, a few news outlets have mentioned his wife's cancer, which they have described as "treatable but incurable". I suddenly realized that this is what my mom's cancer is.

From our perspective, it's that my mom is constantly on chemo or under the knife. With the exception of 4 months, she's not been cancer-free since June 2002.

I've thought for years that this cancer is never going to go away and, barring the "you could have a heart attack/get hit by a car tomorrow" scenario, that this is going to kill her, but I guess I'd never thought that there was some condition of cancer that my mother & Elizabeth Edwards have, that is known as "treatable but incurable". It's just another way of thinking about it, I guess.


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