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I finally ripped the sideview mirror off my car (passenger side) when coming out of my garage this morning.

Fortunately, I was going into Madison for a doctor's appointment; after which, I went to the dealer. Bought & paid for a new side mirror, and the labor to put it on when it arrives. Understandably, I am majorly pissed at myself & hope that the damned $ & stupidity will stave off ever doing this again.

On the good side, I bought paint to fix up an area on the passenger side door. It's missing paint in a few places (maybe someone tried to break in in its past?) & paint will stave off rust.
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If I were willing to drive 3 hours, I could buy a 2006 Nissan with about 60,000 miles on it. Right now! But I don't know if driving 3 hours would really be good. Unless there were some vacation involved, I guess.
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I am within about $1,400 of being able to buy a new used car that's not too old, and doesn't have a shitload of miles on it. With tax! Srsly: there's a 2005 Nissan Sentra with just over 40,000 miles on it, being sold at a dealership not that far away that I could afford pretty soon. Or now if I wanted to take money out of the "do not touch" pile of cash. This is getting so exciting. Hopefully something won't go horribly wrong w/my car that will require hundreds of dollars.
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In that order, are the cars recommended by our mechanic.

I'm glad Saturn's on the list, b/c I don't think I can afford even a 7-8 year old Honda or Toyota. Oh, well, I have some more months to save. mda's had his Saturn for 7.5 years and it's been no problem (it's a 1999 that had 45k miles on it when we bought it in 2002). It's starting to crumble in some areas (metal will do that in a WI winter), but other than that, it's been good.

oh well: i still have months (but I did have to take money out of savings to survive the x-mas season).
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Yep, it's finally over. I bought a 1994 Nissan Sentra XE yesterday. Over 100,000 miles on it, but the mechanic who walked me through the underside said the body's in excellent shape (Marty, from George's Auto Body, by the way--totally great guy who didn't talk to me like I was a girl, i.e., condescending). It has an oil and power steering fluid leak, but many things have been replaced, and what will be a problem shouldn't show up for a few years. And w/my insurance $$ (I keep trying to tell myself), it's like I spent $600 on it.
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Well, I looked at the car yesterday. It's great, except that it has no functioning back brakes (irony). The Saturn mechanic who looked at it said I shouldn't offer more than $2,000, as the car needs $750 worth of work done to it. I told the owner, and we'll wait and see if they just want to try to sell it to me at that price, or try with someone else. I really believe the woman when she says they didn't know this, as they brakes seem to work fine. They do, but only 2 out of 4.

But going to Madison did give me the opportunity to get some things I've been thinking about for months. Weed wacker, branch loppers, paper shredder. I also bought a DVD of Iron Monkey (among others), which I've never seen, but has been highly touted as one of those crazy HK fliks with all the wire work that mda & I like.

And I got a bike from my friend JCS. Totally sexy. There are a couple of things I have to do to sort of finish the deal, and JCS wants me to meet with him to explain a few things. Must do.

Tuesday we saw an interesting movie w/our friends, N & M called After Life from Japan. It's the story of a way station that people are brought to after they die. They get a week to pick and recreate 1 memory from their lives. This memory is what they will experience for eternity. It was very sweet, sometimes funny, and obviously thought provoking. The different kind of memories we all have, our earliest memory, and of course, which memory would you chose if you could only chose 1 for all eternity? What would you chose if you'll forget everything else, all of your family, and everyone you've ever loved?

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that any memory I'd want has mda in it. Of course, I say this, but I didn't ask him what he'd want, 'cause I think it would probably be something about being at his cabin, and there's just some things you don't want to know. "I want you to want to think about me!!!" I mean, I can't control his thoughts, obviously, and him lying just to make me happy is a bad habit to encourage, so it's best not to ask.

Aside from the profundity, the story is sly in that, of course, these people who work in the way station, while really caring about their charges and trying to bring compassion and imagination to the task, also act in a lot of ways like normal working people. And the sets show a building that looks like a run-down bureaucratic structure.


May. 19th, 2003 06:53 pm
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Today was a really great day. Mda just got back from his 2nd interview at a job and he's feeling really confident that he'll be offered the position. An English major, he's in computers (this is not surprising. One day I was sitting with 3 English majors--Jaaladay was one--and none of us were doing anything that had anything to do with English, literature, writing, etc.) But he has no computer certification, and since he quit Taliesin at the end of last year, he's been worried about all of these people with degrees out in the world looking for a job. It turns out that the people he interviewed with were also computer, uh, nerds, and realized the importance of experience over college courses.

Then the 2nd great thing happened (actually, this happened first)--I got a call from the insurance claims adjuster on my car, and they're giving me $3,000 for it! They're taking the claim! I can't believe it! (A) Stuff like that just doesn't happen to me and (B) I called them thinking, "hmm... Maybe I'll just ask about it. The worst they can say is no, and I'll be no worse off than I am right now." (actually, I'm sure I wasn't exactly thinking that, as my internal dialogs, like most people's, are rambling affairs, especially when taking place in a moving car).

$3,000. I've been trying to figure out if I can get a car for $300, now this. Yea!
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I haven't talked about my adventures with my car the last few days. Well, it rained on Sunday around here, pretty steadily (there was also a wind advisory). And I was giving a 4-hour tour--not a heck of a lot of fun. Although the people were cool, which is one of the weird things about giving tours. Sometimes when the weather is the suckiest, the people are really great about it. Perhaps because they realize that while they chose to be here, their guide, who is also in the muck and cold, did not (not really), so they don't take their shit out on me. I've been in snow, wind, thunder, and days when the heat index is 115 and people are cool. Then again, I've given tours when it's a little chilly, and everybody's whiny (I don't know why I have to expostulate, since pretty much everyone who reads this is a good friend, but I do enjoy reading my own bitching.

Anyway, Sunday. Got in my car to go home, backed up and heard this *pop* sound behind the passenger side seat. Stared uncomprehending, looked at the dash, and the air bag light was flashing. Then the seatbelt light. I moved to pull the car back in to its spot, and there was another *pop*, in my seatbelt, that cinched up on me. Scared the shit out of me (well, not literally, but I put the car in park and jumped out making little screamy noises, waiting for the air bag to come out of the steering wheel). When it seemed like I was ok, I parked the car and went down to the VC to ask someone to drive me home (mda was at his cabin & incognito). The next day, I called the dealer (I am woeful about the mechanics around here--one I don't trust because he's sloppy, and the one who's supposed to be great is so great he can be lackadaisical), had it towed an hour away, then waited.

Then yesterday, my service rep from the dealer called. I had told him the day before what happened and also that, "I don't want something that's going to cost a huge amt of money." I figured that if it cost $1,000, the next words out of my mouth would be, "how much do you want for it?"

I'm lingering around this money question, 'cause you know how much it would cost me to fix the car?

Do ya?

f-i-v-e t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d d-o-l-l-a-r-s.

Which is more than what the car is worth, aside from the fact that that amounts to half my pay over a year.

I laughed, heartily, over the phone to Glen (service rep).

Here's what happened, I guess--the rain got into the roof, so much that it "shorted out the control modules" and basically the air bags did deploy, although not come through the dash. I'm thinking that's a safety feature, that maybe you have to have an impact to make them come out. In which case, it's a pretty damned good safety feature, given that the car is a '93. But, still, I wouldn't pay $5,000 to fix the car even if I had $5,000.

So on the way home, I thought about getting insurance to pay for the loss of my car. Wild thought, that. I'm used to being poor. The car fucks up, you fix it. You got an infection, you pay for the medicine. But I called the insurance company today and they're going to see whether they can make a claim. Here's hoping.... Then i think I'll put the car on eBay as is, starting bid $9.99.


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